Venus proving

Прувинг гомеопатического препарата, приготовленного из сфокусированного света планеты Венера (в ожидании переводчика)

The Homeopathic Proving of 'Venus Stella Errans'
Here is some information about the homeopathic proving of “Venus Stella Errans”. This is written primarily for professional homeopaths and those with an understanding of homeopathy, though I hope it is accessible and stimulating for all.

The remedy was made from the focussed light of the planet Venus. It was given to a number of people, without them knowing what it was, who recorded the symptoms they then experienced.

The details of the proving posted here are to my best knowledge accurate and confirmed, though this is not the finished article and it may be that some symptoms are disgarded or corrected in the process of compiling and sorting the information. Any thoughts about what the remedy is about and what pathology it may relate to are given here as developing ideas and are not by any means intended to be definitive!

The remedy has been used in one acute case and one deep chronic case. Just to give you an idea, the acute case was basically one of post-operative exhaustion and spaced outness. There had been no response to Phosphorus which seemed indicated. The chronic case had many elements, but the presenting symptoms were inertia, and unfocussed thinking. A couple of interesting “signature” phrases there. Further details of these two cases are available from the links below ( Not the chronic one yet).

I will update this and the pages linked to below over time including some more details of the proving and some explanation of what a proving is all about and how it is conducted. Provings are one side of the scientific base upon which homeopathy is built. A substance that produces symptoms in healthy individuals will cure those same symptoms when given to people who are sick with them. When it is given in a highly diluted and “potentised” form, it will work without any toxic side effects. This may appear strange to most people but it is in fact a consistantly proven law of nature, most evident in two centuries of homeopathic practice around the world.

This is why this proving was conducted, to discover the symptoms that can be caused by the light of Venus, and so be able to cure those symptoms when found in ill-health. Just as an individual with sea-sickness may exhibit the symptoms that are similar to those in an over indulgence of tobacco, it is not necessary for the illness to be caused by that substance for it to be cured by it (Tobacco or “Tabacum” in potentised form is an often useful homeopathic remedy for sea-sickness).

Whilst I don’t think that the symptoms that can be cured by this remedy will be ones caused by exposure to the light of Venus, it is possible that individuals who have these symptoms are sensitive or susceptible to it. It is one of the many interesting aspects of this proving. We already know people can be affected by the Sun and Moon. A further possibility is that venus may be significant in their astrological birth chart, or maybe the position of venus at the time of making the remedy relates to the chart. Until I have completed the gathering and organising of the provers symptoms, and some sense of the remedy “picture” has emerged, I am resisting the temptation to even look up where Venus was astrologically at the time of making the remedy.

The fact that there was any significant effect at all on the provers is more than interesting. From other remedies made from the light of different stellar objects, we may be able to draw some clearer conclusions as to the specific nature of the light from these objects as opposed to having the possibility that the focussed light of any object has a similar or even uniform effect. Since conducting this proving I have learded that Doug W. Smith from the USA has made a series of remedies using a similar method from stars and planet. He only conducted casual testings on himself and his wife but, more recently Jeremy Sherr has used Doug’s light of the star “Polaris” to conduct a proving. He found that there were two intertwining threads of symptoms, those that may be attributed to the captured light and those that relate more to the method of making the remedy. This does seem to reflect my findings to some degree though I found it far more the substance that came through. Info on that proving can be found by clicking on “Polaris”.

For full details of the proving I eventually intend to publish a small booklet. If you are interested in receiving this, email me, including your postal address, and I shall let you know when it is available.

The remedy itself is available from Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy in the UK. At the time of writing this, it has been potentised up to 200c.

A Provers Symptoms
Prover D

10\7\96 11.45
6 doses

0 Strange sensation in legs, hard to describe, as if they don’t belong to me.

2 I feel very angry at all the problems in Ireland. Being from Ireland, I can connect with what is happening but I feel so angry (over the top anger).

5 My face is changing. I don’t know, I look different, my eyes or something strange.

6 Eyes seem wider

9 Argumentative with husband.

12 Went out on the boat. I feel quite relaxed. I slid into the water accidentally, normally I would have been pissed off but I laughed. I felt confident about getting into the boat although the way I did it, it really looked weird.

16 Feel happy inside.

21, 31 Still feel eyes look different.

0 Weird dream like I was looking in the mirror and it wasn’t me. I kept trying to put make-up on to look like me but it wasn’t me.

6 Eyes seem wider. Pupils more open.

21, 31 Eyes still the same.

8 Sweet things taste very sweet.

8 Not eating many sweet things, they seem very sweet.

69 Breasts have been less painful before my periods since the proving. Previously, would have 1-2 weeks moderate/strong pain, now just for about 2 days before period and much less pain.

0 Strange sensation in lower legs, hard to describe, as if they don’t belong to me. They feel numb.

1-2 Legs still feel numb.

0 Restless. Tossed and turned. Awake at 2.45, 4.15 and 5.10.
1 Took two hours to get off to sleep. Tossing and turning. Waking every hour.
2 Difficulty getting to sleep. Still not sleeping properly.

31 Not sleeping too good – restless.

0 Tired.

OVERVIEW – 4 months
Husband says I have been more aggressive (“over-reacting, irritable, no patience, as if tense”). More aware of how I am and how moody I can be. Feels she’s had placebo.
Generally more positive about things. Know what I want to do (Decided to do reflexology).
Eyes still wider, pupils bigger.
Numbness in legs, not had before the proving, had a couple of times since.

Prover E

6 doses

7 Been “jumping” on people, cuddling people, normal for me but perhaps doing it more.
7 More sensitive, shortness of temper.

The proving has brought up a lot of symptoms for me that have helped clarify my constitutional remedy (which subsequently >).

1 Dreamed about a friend of mine, male, a pharmacologist in white, glass, beads shiny like a gown on, hair light- in colour as well. As if he was floating. A big grin, smiling.

7 Dreams of people trying to kill me and my children. I strong and fighting them in my home.

23 Dream of son being electrocuted on a fence and need to treat him, with phosphorus (because it’s the main remedy) and arguments with doctors.
23 Dream of mother-in-law falling out of bed. I helped her, she was very grateful.

2 Strange headache, as if about to start then stopped. Above ears, right through Pain < movement. 20 Pain, tension type. Wanting to sleep. NOSE 1 Catarrh thick and clear on waking, normally more tough. 2,4, 5 Sneezing. FACE 7 Pain like toothache in R lower jaw. 8 Pain R upper and lower jaws. Sensitive to brushing teeth. TEETH 7 Pain in teeth in R lower jaw. 8 Pain in teeth in R upper and lower jaws, extending to jaws. Sensitive to brushing teeth. STOMACH 1 Heat sensation inside stomach and abdomen. 23, 24 Nausea in morning on waking, eating >.

0 Warm sensation below sternum, more to the right, 2-3 minutes after taking the remedy.

1 Heat sensation inside stomach and abdomen.

2 Pain, dragging dull ache turning to sharp under R rib, sneezing.

(2 Diarrhoea)

2 Mucus, small amount.

6 Pain, sharp, burning, stinging at tip of penis for a few seconds after urinating. Like a needle had been pushed right down inside.

19 Pain, tight and pulling, radiating from axilla into body.

1 Injured back lifting wrongly at work. (Took Arnica 200).

2 Pain, sharp needle like in R upper thoracic, rib area.

11-12 Very stiff in lower lumber on rising in morning.
11 Pain lower back, < jarring, < curving the back backwards, forwards and sideways. 12 Pain as if my back would break in lower thoracic region on lifting children. Stiff. 23 Lower back pain as if it could break or snap. Stiffness. -- Pain felt better when holding/supporting my back with my hands. EXTREMITIES 6 Pain R nate, bruised stiffness on getting out of bed, > stretching and movement.

12 Pain L knee. Stiff, > continual movement.
12 Pain like sensation as if skin was cracked, side of L big toe, near last joint.

2nd month Pain Achilles tendon. Very stiff. Initially, < movement. Then, after a week, > movement. Strained it walking down a steep mountain after overdoing it at work.
2nd month Pain, dull ache as if broken in L foot, tarsal region.

— Joints in general, tender, as if snapping in half.

0 Fell asleep after taking remedy.
0 At night sleep was difficult at first – it was warm

2 Sleepy, yawning.

20 Want to sleep. Generally fall asleep around 5 o’clock.

— R sided symptoms.
— Lots of stiffness in morning, if sat down for a long time lots of stiffness with pain. Began in back and then seemed to spread out slowly in other joints, arms and legs.
— Throughout the proving my joints and bones felt stiff.

Prover F

13/2/97 20.40
1 dose

0 (First response) Giggly, then after a while felt calmer and tired, as before a good nights sleep. It reminds me of having dope when I was younger
0 Can’t get my words out
0 Can see a cow in the distance and green fields (Delusion/image)

2 Feeling more vulnerable than usual in the evening. I have been having problems with my partner, maybe that is the cause. A bit weepy and feeling very isolated like there was no-one around. There were too many people at my friends so had time on my own instead and felt very lonely

3 More beligerant than usual with my partner. I’m questioning what I’m getting out of this relationship
3 Danced , moved well, more fluid
3 Physically, I feel saggy
3 All my friends are calling me, people I’ve not heard from for months. It feels like a moon change, a subtle change

2 Being put to death in a room full of people also being put to death. It was like a gas chamber. Not everyone was stabbed, not all killed together. I was saved. It was scarey

0 Possibly a bit chilly on the extremities – nose ears etc

0 Possibly a bit chilly on the extremities – nose ears etc

0 Possibly a bit chilly on the extremities – nose ears etc

0 Dry and numb. Numbness in top jaw centred around an area behind the front teeth. Also, a sensation of this area being cold/hot

3 Nerve pains shooting from neck to vertex and R eye, temple area

1-3 Sciatic pain in heel (old symptom)

0 Tired, as before a good nights sleep. It reminds me of having dope when I was younger
3 Been sleeping heavily, and waking less groggy

1-3 Nerve darts

Prover G

15/9/96 11pm
1 dose

Pre — Irritation
Pre — Resistance to taking remedy
0 Immediate warmth in the belly and upward flow of euphoria was experienced plus a feeling of clearing of mind, of head, of fogginess, of anxiety and irritation – almost reminiscent of snorting cocaine with the addition of chalky sinuses. Then “letting go” tiredness – much yawning
0 Speedy, as if I’d taken cocaine. Feel motivated, getting on with life. things are coming together.
0 Mind seemed to open up – expand – strength of spirit emerged
0 Now clear and confident of my decision to leave job and move on – before I had many fears of this. Reaffirmed my need to work within an honest and supportive network – NOT power based
0 I noticed on arriving home a need to be alone – but found a wild, mischievous, confident person present herself to the household. Much bolder and crazy – daring and strong within – a sense of being centred and true. Loved being centre of attention and telling my story. The speedy feelings remained throughout the evening with me wanting to dance.
0 Possibility this is bringing up old vulnerabilities
1 Snappily assertive. Snapped at partner “I’d appreciate it if you’d stop telling me what to do”. Feeling of anger – felt very strong, in my power, though very “scattered”. Spilled 3 things this morning – whirlwind energy , unfocussed. Felt very different – detached – quick to bite.
1 Sensitivity to light and noise of traffic
1 Walking in sunny air by river also eased my uptightness. Clear thoughts and spontaneous wit and ideas. Energy feels shifted
9-14 Increased tiredness and sadness as week progressed.
13 Increase of need to be alone
15 Since Day 12 I have noticed how I would love to be at “The Summit” – out bush, just watching the river flow. I am finding this roller coaster so fast, I would love to have the time to step off it and see/speak/hear from close friends. I feel sadness at all my beautiful friends scattered world-wide. I feel a need for intimacy with someone who knows me so very well. I miss ex-partner, his bigness, his solidness, his body, his warmth and hugs.
19 Assertive with boundaries
19 Beautiful loving with P – why? I see a marked change around my “emotional detatchment” – love the physical as opposed to mental trauma.
20-22 Felt low, a bursting urge to be alone far from the city. A need to step off the train and just be.
22 Talking in groups I find hard – one to one with “realism” is what counts

Pre — Foggy headedness
? Raging headache

0 Eyes felt stretched apart
1 Sensitivity to light of traffic

Clearer and sharper vision – as if my eyes are stretched.

1 Sensitivity to noise of traffic

0 Chalky feeling in nose immediately after taking the remedy.

? raging sore throat

0 Desire for broccoli
0 Want to cut down tea
0 Sugar and butter crumble didn’t seem to upset me
1 Nauseous. Swimming and being surrounded by water helped this afternoon.
2 Still feeling nauseous

0 Immediate warmth in the belly and upward flow of euphoria

1 Sore bottom – is it a scratch? Or piles?

1 Three good shits, long and dark

? Voice hoarse and chesty

0 Yawning

Pre — Chesty dryness
5 Shakiness when inhaling deeply. Is it muscular?6 Two days of funny top chest pain. Sometime in solar plexus area. Stabs on full inbreath
? Chesty?
? Lots of mucous

? Aching “brittle” neck and shoulders/knees

? Aching “brittle” neck and shoulders/knees

0 Being left out in group – never quite synchronised with group – sadness and discomfort with this. L was there talking to leader who I fancied. Young girls’ breasts on stage. Cooking event, I didn’t want to do it, the game I obviously won with handfuls of crisps! Feelings of inadequacy and separation in dream. Anger at girl sitting in my seat – dug my nails into her head and shouted
1 Ma and Pa. Ma wanted to remain in the country, dad to move to the city – back to London. Caterpillar falling down a huge hole, turning into faeri child as it flies towards me. Short, red haired. Me leaving ex-partner and boys and not sure what to say.
5 Gangster family. Head bloke fancied me. Went to friends place to hide from thugs. I split on head bloke. Went to another friends house after head bloke shot, he was too busy to be with me. Buying a house with mates.
13 Asking uncle about history of Alexander. Friend in orange T-shirt and him and I killing
14 Travelling to Spain. Tiny streets, stucco houses, steep descent into a street that had been blocked for days. Looking out, the sea was so blue and calm, hot sun, no-one swimming. Who was it that I was in love with? A fair haired person.
16 Place high up. Woman planting trees. Rocky. Friends came to stay. Predominance of feeling that I wanted to be alone

? Fever

? perspiration

Pre– Tiredness and low energy
0 Within seconds of the pill dissolving energy levels soared
0 Tiredness
1 Woke feeling exhausted
1 Not good with heat. Felt overwhelmed around midday in the kitchen – TOO HOT!
1 Swimming and being surrounded by water helped this afternoon. Walking in sunny air by river also eased my uptightness
9 Zappy energy till 3pm. Then very tired, allow came over me and I desperately wanted to simply sit and be.
7-14 Increased tiredness as week progressed

Prover I

11/10/96 12.25 hrs
Single dose

This prover experienced some symptoms as she moved the rededy some time before taking it. The symptoms lasted for 3 days.
On the first night after taking the pill, her daughter had a dream that seemed significant, so I’ve included it in italics.

Pre. Felt I needed some help. How can I drive to Shropshire? Felt I was cracking up

0 Feel silly as if something is expected of me, something errudite
0 Feel a need to sit up. Neck > in this position, as if I’ve loosened up
0 Feel composed, my mind is usually like a butterfly
0 I’ve spent some time improving my filing system when I’d usually feel tired. (More energy?)
0 I felt relaxed just after taking the remedy and a short while later I felt weepy, which isn’t unusual for me, but with this I felt a tension holding back the tears
0 I found myself just looking at the toadstools I hadn’t noticed before in my neighbours garden
0 I cooked a meal for all my family. I usually have a large mental block over what to feed my kids.

1 I had to clear up the school playground which was covered in litter. A Herculian task. Me and my kids did it. Its unusual to have me and the kids together like this, we’re usually estranged
1 When shopping, I was behind a woman at the checkout who was taking a long time. I had time pressures, kids to meet etc. I told her to go to a different checkout. I was embarressed about saying such a thing. I was in a hurry. I hadn’t allowed myself enough time. I would have normally gritted my teeth. this time I felt “What a cheek! I don’t want to stand hear any longer”
1 When driving on a country lane, a car came fast round the corner. I stopped. The other driver looked relieved (grinning?). I said “That was close” and that was it. I’d normally be angry though gritted teeth and be jittery afterwards. I kept my cool in this situation, but not in the one earlier in the day at the checkout. I felt laissez-faire, its not a big deal. Matter of fact. Not shaken. Accepting.
1 I want to take someone out for the day, (enthusiastic, active ?)

2 An old symptom returned. I used to totter in heels and revealing clothes “saying” look but don’t touch.
2 After sex felt an overall pleasant sensation. Happy I still have sex – appreciative. Warming to husband more than usual. Tried to forgive him that he can’t talk to me.
2 My general indifference to my family has shown signs of improving. Not lots – I’m still irritable with them. There is more going for us than I give it credit. Appreciation
2 Birds seem more prominant to me than usual
2 Mother-in law came to stay yesterday. She’s very critical and I’m more sensative to it than usual. I’m usally defensive and silent, Nat – Mur’ish, but I said something, stood up for myself. I almost managed to make a joke out of it

3 Tearful, deflated and resentful to mother-in-law. Still can’t tell her stuff
3 Still warmer towards husband and daughters
3 Still not done my casework. It would be blindingly obvious to others. I,m going round in circles, like when I took Lac Luppa. I’m normally a butterfly
3 My kids are less finicy about their food
3 I’ve been stammering a bit. Several words, a phrase – try all the different words to get it out, to say some of it. It has happened several times
3 I’ve possibly been trying harder for the barrier with my mother-in-law not to be there. I’ve tried to do what would come normally, like with others, with communication

4 Fear that dream of an accident I’d caused would occur in reality. I don’t want to kill anyone

5 Aunt (fathers sister) died
5 Felt clearer in consultations (got more symptoms out?)
5 I seem to be producing a minor crisis to produce symptoms

7 I’ve had to organise flowers, hair etc for Aunts funeral, so much been going on so I haven’t written in my book.
7 Anxious about taking car to the funeral which is in such a bad state
7 Parents are buried up where she lived, I don’t see their grave much. I will pay a call. (Weeping)
7 I’ve been more aware of my hurried feeling and so have been slightly less impatient
7 Still been clearer with cases
7 I have half brothers and sisters who will be at the funeral. I met them for the first time at my fathers funeral
7 Tension and relaxation seem to be a part of this remedy
7 I dislike to make polite conversation. I’ve been saying home truths, but have been untactful. saying things and not keeping them to myself

8-10 Averse to making the effort to talk to people. I feel my mind isn’t really here.
8-10 Tearful over regrets as a daughter. I used to burst into tears easily. I realise it’s weakness. It’s like I can’t say it, in the past, so I’d cry. Now I can express myself. If I sit up straight perhaps I’ll grow taller and stop being a little wimp. I’ve tried to spread myself too thinly amongst too many people since I’ve stopped being a wimp. I want to be the one who is dishing out support. Now, I’m asking for support
8-10 Generally better outdoors and doing things
10 My washing machine is leaking – there’s puddles from that, some in my car and there’s me!
8-10 ? I want comfort and togethherness rather than have a feeling of lust with sex. Want sympathy, cuddles. This is more than usual
8-10 ? I have more energy. I’m cleaning more than usual. Removing limescale where there’s been years of lack of attention.
8-10 ? Don’t feel inclined to do anything about next doors sheep thats been let out by my daughter. It’s next doors sheep, I want to be by myself
8-10 ? Saw a little old lady nearly step out in front of a car

10 An overwhelming sense of grief, not sure who it’s about. Tears welling up on talking of parents (have died some time ago). Would have thought I’d dealt with that grief. It’s difficult to talk about grief

11 At the funeral, I didn’t want company. Weeping on talking. Visited parents grave. Thanked them and told them about their grandchildren. As I relate this I’m sad because there’s no-one to share it with. It’s more overpowering than before

11-13 Tend to be more expressive of my thoughts. I had given up with my husband, but expressive with others. My husband and me haven’t spoke to his brither and his family for 9 months. I came back from the funeral thinking there is a need to sort out our problems now before this gets worse. I forgive but my husband doesn’t. He’s been silent when I approach him about it. Maybe it’s up to him. Now I’m tearful. It’s difficult to talk to my sister-in-law because of my bursting into tears. She’s not a crying person. I have the impetus but not the tools to do anything about it.

14-18 ? I had to tell everyone about how distressed I was about dealing with a friends boy. his total defiance, his anger, abuse. I told everyone about it whether appropriate or not, I had to
18 Have noticed I’ve said more of what’s going on in my head rather than leaving it there. Stuff popping out without control over it
18 Husband had an ecg which showed all wasn’t well. This shoved something that has got us talking together, more than usual. he cried, he doesn’t usually

25 I’m back to where I was when I started the proving. I need a remedy. I’m still saying what I think rather than not saying it. I have been less irritable and short tempered with my nearest and dearest. My voice had been slower.

25 During crying I felt dumb with anger. A feeling I have had before ????????

0 (Daughters dream – On a Bay Watch beach. Scarey people all wearing balaclava masks. All I could see was the eyes. Then I woke)

4 In an open plan office. I see the room from one side, desks and screens. I had to gatther up a pink book on divination. The route (of the gathering up) of it is divine. It was about religion and stuff. I had to look it up. Sadam Hussain’s name backwards is Modas. I see things in baby equipment. It was like moving house and taking all the things with you. On a tube train, it was busy and crowded. My husband was there. At one station I had to get off. Doors had closed before I had finished. I had to go on to return. On return there were lots of wood, panels inside (the train). It was a deisel train, it was busy. I had to find something to eat and to get everything (objects?) together.
4 I was driving, my hands weren’t on the wheel. 2 old ladies walked in front of the car. I knocked one over. She had a lined, wrinkled face. I woke. Thought “I hope she’s all right. I had hit a boy in the past, scatched his bottom. This woman appeared in the same way, no chance of seeing them until in front of the car. It reminded me of a vision, from outside the car, of seeing an elderly lady stunned, lying in the road after being hit by a car. I don’t want to be clairvoyant. (She had a feeling that this would occur in reality)

Pre. Dizzy as turned head or body. < standing and if moved sideways. > if walking or moving. Felt I would topple over if I leaned forward.

8 headache, tight across forehead. Better lying on my side. Worse for motion

1 Left eye feels sore. I took my contact lense out
1 Eyeball felt larger. Had been crying yesterday and they’re often big after crying, but this is more marked
1 Eye watered for a while while eating, 8-10pm

8 Left eye watering, feels slightly swollen, vision is slightly blurry

0 I can see further out of the window. I can see more distant trees, misty trees in the distance

1 Saw halo’s round streetlights. If the streetlight was like a pupil, there was an iris around. White/yellow with a red edge. A paler secondary halo around the first.

8 Vision is slightly blurry

1 Left nostril ran with clear discharge, like a cold. Stopped running in the evening

7 Left nostril runny with yellow, solid flem in it

8 Mucous is clear, watery and opaque. Worse on left side

10 Throughout the day I’ve had a few sneezes

7 Whitehead on left side of jawbone. Squeezed it

5 Sweet taste at the back of my tongue at 7pm

5 Mucous in the back of my throat

6 Mucous = a desire to swallow which doesn’t help

3 Possibly craving creamy things less

4 Irregular, pink blotches in an oval area midway between umbilicus and breast bone and on lower 1/4 of bones (ribs?). I scratched the area and it went pale with wheals. They came on in bath and got worse after the bath

2 Vaginal sphincture closed more than usual during orgasm in the morning. Even after orgasm, it felt more closed. Coition painful. Also, vagina a bit dry during coition which gave discomfort

4 3 – 5 am had cramp in uterus as if someoone had squeezed it. Worse again at 8am. Worse as dropped kids off to school. This is normal but it started earlier and was twice as bad as usual. Better kneeling with head down on floor, with head lower than backside. This is not usual. Better for a while after this. Also, better leaning over the sharp edge of the settee, better from heat on my back. I’m pale and washed out. Had a dry mouth at one stage

7 Period been normal today and yesterday

8 Sharp pain on entry during sex, then okay

8-10 I was taking short gasping breaths with the bad period pain

7 Cough from tickly mucousy throat

0 Feel a need to sit up. Neck > in this position, as if I’ve loosened up. Other side of neck feels sore now. ( Neck has been stiff and sore for a while. Had started on the right then alternated left and right, and for the last few months has settled on the right.
0 Later that evening the pain returned to my neck

1 Left side of neck now not aching

2 Neck still okay. Very minor sense of discomfort on the left, like how it started in the first place

3 Right side of neck is worse again, since exercise. Its possibly getting better again now. Left side, no change

11-13 At the top of my left arm there’s a bruised sensation in the muscle. Lower legs ached as if I’d done lots of dancing. Worse in the left muscles

0 I didn’t go to sleep after lunch like I usually do

2 Feel less sleepy than I have done for a long time

25 Sleepy again. It had improved, and now it’s back but not as bad yet

1 I wore a cheap bracelet with gold peeling off. Itching underneath it. Red after scatching. Scrating didn’t help the itching

11-13 Itching from gold bracelet. i’m reacting to metals. Itching, scratching, redness. No amelioration from scratching

39 Peeling skin on palms around the egs of the lines. Also on ankles and tops of feet. Voluptuous itching. Not red

0 I’ve spent some time improving my filing system when I’d usually feel tired. (More energy?????)

1 I wore a cheap bracelet with gold peeling off. Itching underneath it. Red after scatching. Scrating didn’t help the itching (Gold/metal allergy ?)

7 Feel tension in my muscles. My body is taught

8-10 The bum in the air position is to try to get ciculation to my head and face

Prover K

1/11/96 16.00
1 dose

0 First I felt peaceful, relaxed, and then began to feel spaced out as if I’d smoked dope. Subtle feeling, not even tingling, down arms, down back and in head, like when you smoke dope. As from a surge of blood. Feeling that I may loose ability to communicate and think rationally. If this carries on, I’d loose control, like I’ve had from dope in the past.
0 Feel warm and cosy, like after a bath in the evening.
0 A friend said that I looked alot more rested than when he last saw me.
0 Felt solitary, wanted to be on my own.

1 Talking in sleep in German
1 Most of day felt as if I had smoked dope the previous night. Spaced out in a pleasant, layed back kind of way. Not stoned. Partner said relaxed, visitors said spaced out.
1 Writen two things down twice. Didn’t remember I’d written it, that’s strange
1 Very irritable waking at 20.00, foul mood

2 Very well

3 Couldn’t focus, put sentances together. pissed off. Couldn’t retain words, kept going back. Had to stop instead of pushing it on. Not > by rest
3 Lay down at 17.00 to switch off, felt quite down
3 Pissed off earlier in the day than I usually would if I’m feeling like this.
3 Not aware of anything more subtle from the remedy because I’m still sleepy

4 Better day, able to concentrate. I worked.
4 Worrying about things, trivial things. Things I’ve done in the past few weeks I’ve felt embarressed about. G eneral feeling of worrying. things have gooone through my head that have happened. E.g. Last time I parked my motorbike I dropped it, so I worry that next time I take it off the stand, will I drop it again, break something that will cost me? I need someone to help me with it.
4 I’ve been thinking about when I went to dentist a while ago and told them I didn’t want metal fillings, but the dentist put one in. It’s outrageous. I could have made a fuss about it

6 Feeling pretty normal

15 Been feeling okay, quite well. Not felt down. Energy been good throughout the day

15 Dizzy on turning head around in a car

0 Noticed hair was greasy

3 Feels tight, often does when I feel stressed like I am now. Normally this comes with a headache, but there is no pain. Front half of head feels tight as if cold

0 Warm, numb, on edge feeling appeared on L side of face, like tunnel vision, like in a migraine

0 Warm, numb, on edge feeling appeared on L side of face, like tunnel vision, like in a migraine

0 Hearing on R numbed, reduced, not sure. R ear is nearest from computer, other noises not different R/L

1 Snorring last night for first time ever

0 Warm, numb, on edge feeling appeared on L side of face, like tunnel vision, like in a migraine
0 Numbness like with ????????? below spot below R nostril and above lip

15 Face cold with nausea

0 Sore before RX, > after. This often happens

6 Had a cold before Rx leaving sore throat after smoking and slight urge to cough. This all >> after 2/3 days after Rx

15 I’ve began to feel carsick when a passenger. Queezy, a bit. Face and hands cold. Dizzy on turning head around. Drains my energy. Used to have this, but not for 4/5 years. If I continued to be in the car I was sick. (S’s continued for some months after)

4 IBS ? has been better since the remedy.

4 Bowels not been so loose since the remedy

6 Had a cold before Rx leaving sore throat after smoking and slight urge to cough. This all >> after 2/3 days after Rx

0 More relaxed

3 Worse than for weeks, since I saw osteopath. Generally feeling the cold = tension, especially tense in neck and back, couldn’t get comfortable on chair. Tended to be in slumped back position.

5 Back is feeling tense again, not as bad as a few days ago

0 Hands feel quite warm. Numb on L little finger, on edge but warm. Usually this is coldest part of hands If circulation is bad

3 Hands cold, circulation is normally poor.

4 Varicose vein been better since the remedy

5 Sensitive on outside of lower arms. Clothes feel uncomfortable. Irritable and intense at time, to touch. It feels unpleasant rubbing over it. The sensation is ON the skin. Noticed it in the late morning, gradual > after

15 Sensation as if rubbed a rubber on my arm – friction pulling hairs. Came on suddenly around midday.
15 Face and hands cold with nausea
15 Varicose vein in L leg still better. No twinges since RX which is unusual.

0 Sleepy

1 Drowsy on waking. Desire to stay in bed. Got up at 10.30am
1 Very tired on way home at 15.30 and till 17/18.00. Slept till 20.00. First day off in a while, body says I need a break
1 Slept 9 in liviing room. Unusual

3 Slept 17.00 to 19.00
3 Sleepy
3 Slept badly, been worrying about things, trivial things. Also, partner was snoring.

4 Not tired as I can be since taking the remedy

15 Sleep has been good recently

5 Sensitive on outside of lower arms. Clothes feel uncomfortable. Irritable and intense at time, to touch. It feels unpleasant rubbing over it. The sensation is ON the skin. Noticed it in the late morning, gradual > after

15 Sensation as if rubbed a rubber on my arm – friction pulling hairs. Came on suddenly around midday.

0 Subtle feeling, not even tingling, down arms, down back and in head, like when you smoke dope. As from a surge of blood

1 Tiredness was a pleasant, physical tiredness

3 Tired after just two hours (of being up), like this all day
3 Tense in muscles
3 Feeling the cold for the first time this Winter

4 Not been feeling the cold as I can do since taking the remedy

15 Been feeling colder since begining the proving

Prover L

20/4/98 15.40
1 dose

0 Feel I’m surrounded by a membrane, in my nostrils, all around me. Lightheaded.
0 Image like a pagoda. Darkness inside, dark space inside. Sacred space. Straw on outside, beigy, almost colourless.
0 Images of body posture like a rounded sandstone carving. Images are projections of my body posture.
0 Image of bright native American headdress – red and yellow.
0-3 Felt (emotionally) flat.
1 Tired, dreamy state. Hard to focus on what I’m doing.
1-2 In a daze for half an hour (after waking from sleep), not sure what I was thinking about.
2-3 Irritability – lost patience with people, they’re all such a load of wankers. Can’t be bothered to talk to people.
3 Still irritable. When I make myself available to people I’m not in the right frame of mind. Still actually very nice to people.
3 Feeling misunderstood by everyone. Not had for a long time. (OS not had for a long time)
3 During work I have a lack of emotional response to when I get it right. Usually easily cheered by positive things but not now. (US)
4 Not so muzzy headed as have been.
4 I’m behaving as if all is a huge conspiricy against me. People are there to irritate me.
5 Huge uncontrollable outburst of anger at daughter.
5 At a party I didn’t want to listen to other peoples problms. Normally I’m a sponge.
6 Irritable. Intollerant of people, not got the compassion I’d expect to have. I’ve had to disguise it. Feel I can’t be bothered with them, why should I be sympathetic, I don’t like them anyway – though normally I do. It’s a battle to control it. One woman who I felt was lacking in respect to me. I raised this with her but she countered quick and I felt bad about how I had been reacting to her but then resentful that I had to be sympathtic.
16 Intollerance coming on again, not had it for some time.

1 Dream about teaching homeopathy. Someone telling me what to say as I know nothing about it to teach. (It was) good fun.
3 Travelling. The object was to post a circular piece of leaf or bark into some rock face. I got fixed into the side of a cave. Seemed to last for forever. There were problems travelling there. Not an unpleasant dream (more usually get dreams of being chased).
4 Lots of dreams. Growing things and arranging concerts. No anxiety. (US – Cured Symptom?)

0 Head feels delicate, buzzy.
0 Pressure in right side of head, left side has a niggly pain with no pressure. When eyes are closed, pressure is all around the front, when I open them pressure goes further back. (US)
0 Light headed sick and queesy.
1 Stabbing pain in right temple as I lay down, then better as I sat up. Laid down again and was fine.
2 Stabbing pain in right temple for a minute when at work.
3 Full head, feels like I’ve had flu all day.

0 Ears feel weird, thick, swollen.
1-2 Stuffed up.

1-2 Hearing worse. Stuffed up, couldn’t hear people.

0 Sensation of pressure in nose, from inside towards outside.
0 Coolness is like that from menthol cleansing, so feel nose should be clearer – it isn’t.
0 Pressure spread out around eyes and to all the front of the head.
1-2 Runny nose, stuffed up, now (day 2) constantly dripping.
3 Nose not dripping but is still stuffed up. Runnier outside.
4 Clogged up nose, woke in the night from it.

0 Sensation like a cold sweat all over face extending to rest of body. A clammyness.
2 Noticed I was clenching my teeth for some hours after the stabbing pain in my temple.

0 Mouth was dry, very thirsty for cold water, three large glasses one after another before evening meal. Mouth still dry.

0 Clicking sensation in throat, near to tonsils, on swallowing.

0 Light headed sick and queesy.
0 Nausea > after I ate, though I wasn’t hungry.
0-6 Been eating obsessively – cheese, chocolates, sweets and cake – which is normal if I’m out of sorts.
3 Desire chocolate if anything.
6 Burping in the morning. Hadn’t eaten anything to cause it.

4 Pains in the heart area of my lungs. A small area is tender. Worse deep inspiration, sharpish ache.
5 Pain in left lung in bed, better lying on right side.
8 Since breaking left clavicle six years ago I couldn’t go to sleep on left side due to discomfort. This is fine now. (Cured Symptom)

1-3 Have had a chronic ache in the sacral area for the last two years where I wake and can’t move. Exercise improves it. Some mornings not as bad, but still aware of it. Currently no pain or uncomforatable sensation there. (Cured Symptom)
4 Back still better but a little sore.
13-16 Back worse again but I’ve been sleeping in a bad bed.

3 (Feeling) in left ankle as if a tendon had gone. Painful, feels weak. Worse walking down stairs, tender after.
4 Ankle still hurts, sometimes can’t walk on it for a few moments.
5-8 Ankle thing happened a few times, for about five minutes at a time.
8-16 Left hip aching.
8 Left shoulder aching extending to neck.

0 Overwhelmed by sleep.
1 – 2 Generally not sleeping well, used to it but now also wake with heavy lethargy. In a daze for half an hour (after waking from sleep), not sure what I was thinking about. (AS)
2 Forced self to get up.
3-4 Good sleep.
3 When woke felt okay but not able to pull myself out of sleep
4 Good nights sleep again.
8 Sleep still not so bad, but not as good as has been since beginning the proving.

0 Sensation like a cold sweat all over face extending to rest of body. A clammyness.

0 Clamminess has become almost vibrating.
0 Feel everything is draining out of me. Pull of energy down to bum.Like more firmly rooted – as if nailed or screwed down.
0 Feel as if I’ve a cold starting.
0 Been exhausted. Drove slowly, too much effert to put foot down (on the accelerator pedal) any more. Felt as if I was on some sort of drug. Felt weighty in my body, head light and floaty. Overwhelmed by sleep.
1-2 Tired.
1-2 Wake with a heavy lethargy. Body and limbs very heavy.
1 “Woke up” (felt normal, not tired) 8-10pm, felt okay. Was talking to someone, maybe that helped me forget how tired I was.
3 Tired, though not as bad.
3 When woke felt okay but not able to pull myself out of sleep.
4 Generally all feels left sided.
4 Think I’m generally worse 1pm onwards.
6 Woke with hangover after only one glass of wine the previous night. (US)
8 It’s mainly left sided problems I have.
16 Aching all over.
16 Feel as if flu coming on all day.

Prover S

12/5/96 23.30
1 dose


0 Tingling around body as though edges of body are blurred, a feeling of space
0 Very much in my body at the same time as feeling floaty and aware of the universe around me. Drifting as though very tired yet also able to focus
0 Relaxed, meditative state. Heightened awareness, expansive feelings as though would go out forwards from body
0 Desire to put fingers over eyes, pressed in, very black. Later desired to go into blackness again. Felt scared at first, then safe
0 Desire to put fingertips under orbits of eyes
0 Cupping whole face with hands, bringing energy in
0 Feelings intangible, some ritual of light and dark
0 Image of a goddess, outline shape. ? pale blue, still and strong and clear?
0 Feel more energised after a rush of energy, although still tired, like after meditation
0 Posture feels embracing, rounder
0 Disorientated. Know I’ve written something down but can’t find it. Doubt. Then I find it. Certainty then doubt. Spacey feeling
0 Difficult to switch from one thing to another

1 Slightly spacey, floaty feel this morning
1 More aware of hands. Desire to kneed with them. Feel that kind of doughy energy. Usually want to bite my nails and I don’t want to do that
1 More aware of head, face and upper body
1 Can’t do too many heady intellectual things or I start going off
1 My energy has felt up all day. I keep thinking “this is how I used to be” buzzing around all over the place, finding it hard to relax, not wanting to cook chewing nails all the time
1 Moved on in resolving my issues with money – today asking to and being paid a reasonable rate for my work. Aware of being understood and acting on it

2 Very spacey. Unfocussed. Can’t make up my mind what to do. Can’t settle. Restless (Sleep ameliorates). Mind muddled. (Worse than normal pre-menstrual symptoms)
2 Memories, keep going back, to early 20’s when I felt like this before – it was all happening to me, not able to get a grip on it all.

4 Not feeling all that in touch with myself.
4 Thoughts of destruction- of myself and others, son and daughter. E.g. Them falling over edge of boat we were on, me pushing them over edge of a bridge, me jumping over edge of a bridge. Accompanied by fear. Fear I would do it, I may do something destructive. Fine line between life and death. These thoughts very intrusive.

4-to-9 Anxiety for others getting killed. Potential for death and destruction in everything, accompanied by fear. How I could cause death to family.

11 Fear with visualising of car falling over edge of road in mountains. Daughter voiced similar fears. Potential of destruction in everything.
11 Feeling quite depressed. Low in energy and low in spirits. Thinking back to past- keep going further back. Ten years ago, then eighteen, then twenty two. Feel in a bit of a daze. Unclear thoughts, memories. Times which were quite “happy” but in which I wasn’t connected with my body – rushing, feeling awkward, not grounded. Was in places I had been to in past with ex-boyfriend and also with parents at different times.
11 During cold, with rest I feel ameliorated physically but worse mentally.
11 Feel bound and uncomfortable in my body. Feel wiped out.

12 Feeling better- fears not so strong, nor physical clumsiness. Not as tired. Cold symptoms cleared.

5 months. Brought up nothing positive at the time but since lots has improved. Clearer about physical environment, threw out lots. Cleared out relationship with sister, she won’t be in my life. Felt a lot about past whilst on holidays (i.e. soon after taking remedy) and since have let go of a lot of it. Redefined relationship to past. Not bound down by my past anymore. First symptoms of light and dark, death and destruction were like my past feelings of the dark where someone would be coming up and killing me violently. This remedy has a very destructive side to it – life and death.


0 Less busy feel to them than recently


2 Dizziness


0 Tingling above left eye

1 Heat (Hot flushes ) in head. worse focusing, ameliorated by resting

? congestion


?0 Cold around eyes, now beginning to feel shivery?

11 Watering (during cold)



2 Aching and buzzing (like a bee but more fuzzy) in ears


11 Clear watery snot


2 Sore. Phlegm.


2 Feel a bit sick.


2 Cramp, like would get before menses.


? Urinating more than usual.

11 Need to wee a lot.


2 Cramp, like would get before menses.

? Stomach cramps, period pains.


0 Warm feeling especially in chest heart area.


2 Tightness in shoulder.


0 Tingling.


0 Warm feeling inside.

?0 Cold around eyes, now beginning to feel shivery?

1 Tired
1 If I begin to go into spacey feeling I almost feel I’d get hot flushes, P.M.T. kind of feel. Agitation. How I’d imagine the menopause might feel.

2 Restless, almost shaky (pre-menstrual). Sleep ameliorates

2 Feel hot now and again.

?. Cold, chilly feeling. Need warmth.

?. Sluggishness.

11 Cold. Tired after little activity.

Themes and Repertory
Below is an ongoing process of translating the mental symptoms of the provers into repertory language and a description of themes that appear. Between the two should hopefully lie a general appreciation of the remedy.

I’m currently (July ’04) over half way through completing a first draft of repertory additions which will be added here in the coming few weeks. The themes of the remedy I wrote earlier which are below are relevent but I’m beginning to see something that reflects the nature of the planet – ie the apparent calm and serene ‘cloud’ cover with the most incredible turmoil on the surface. More on this in the coming months.

This new perspective is interesting in that the remedy could be related to several factors. These are in order of what I considered possible before looking at the symptoms from the provers. As said before, my main interest was would this remedy produce any reaction in provers at all.

Impurities in the original substance eg from the eye piece of the telescope, dust in the room where it was triturated.
The physical process of making it – ie the telescope and focused light from the distance.
My imagination and projections.
Astrological effects.
The myth of Venus.
The planet itself.

The latter, I hadn’t seriously considered as possible until recently reviewing the symptoms. Anyway, that’s a little update, back to what I wrote some time ago……


“The Light at the End of the Tunnel” is what a prover said after going through several days of depression culminating in an evening when they felt “what is the point of it all” and then began to feel they had began to improve slightly. I’ve been looking for some phrase or fundamental theme to sum up the essence of this remedy, and I’m fairly confident this is part way there.

The essence of a remedy is not only described by the substance but also by the process of the proving. That can include experiences leading up to the making of the remedy or the physical nature of obtaining the substance. The former I’ll relate at some future date but the latter in this case is quite straightforward – it was made by focusing a powerful telescope on venus with the sugar crystals placed on the eyepiece. So, whether or not there is anything relating to the planet, there was a point of light far away brought closer by means of a tube and lenses (the main one was a reflecting lens). Something possibly significant is that the point of light was far enough away to have a significant time delay ie what was captured was something slightly back in time.

This is a hypothesis based upon some experience, but it seems that the remedy has an ability to bring into focus things from the past.

Symtoms that were experienced by many of the provers can be split into two polarities including:

The Tunnel

The Light


Another aspect is the tendency of provers to revisit old feelings, places and people from their past and, in one of the cases I’ve successfully used the remedy in, previously unknown siblings from the other side of the world. This revisiting has often been difficult but has subsequently brought relief, empowerment and connectedness. Linking this to the substance of the remedy, there can be seen the telescope connecting the person with aspects of them previously too distant in time and space to relate to. Venus itself is often said to be the sister planet to earth – distant connections.

One patient who was experiencing confusion, unclarity, and spaciness was helped by being able to reconnect to a past event in their childhood – as it happens, one in which they felt very isolated.. Another in a similar state found they were able to focus on what needed to be done initially accompanied by having almost too much energy (“a bit like after having too much coffee”) and after a week or so when this manic state subsided they reported feeling the remedy had initiated them getting on with life again and felt clearheaded.

I’m also exploring the link with this theme to near death experiences. In terms of homeopathy this is particularly interesting because of the relationship there, and in near death experiences, with quantum physics, sometimes known as field theory.


These are in process, and in many cases don’t fit the repertory yet due to me still trying to gather the information in its pure sense before opting for the final rubrics. You’ll most likely be able to see my masterly grip on the repertory language :-/

The list is by prover, no emphasis yet, and (CS) means cured symptom, maybe only for a few days… not sure with some of those (CS)’s which way they need to be interpreted yet. Just the mental symptoms here so far.

You can click on the provers name to see their full symptoms – links not currently available will be in the near future.
Prover D

Delusion – eyes look different, wider

Prover E

Cuddle and hug, desire to

Prover F

Speech, difficult to get words out
Image, of a cow in the distance and green fields
delusion forsaken, sensation of isolation
Aversion to company
Danced well, more fluid
Friends calling her

Prover G

irritation, resistance to taking the remedy
Clarity of mind
Indecision (CS)
Confidence, lack of (CS)
Company, aversion to
” ” desire for solitude
” ” desire for
” ” ” ” Friends, desire for contact with old
Dance, desire to
” ” > open air in sun
Forsaken feeling, sensation of isolation

Prover I

Clarity of mind
Weepy, on talking
” ” holding back the tears
Estranged from family and children (CS)
Anger, repressed (CS)
Sex, aversion to (CS)
Speech, difficult top get words out
Anxiety, anticipation, of
” ” something will happen, dream of accident will occur
Talking, aversion to
Cuddles, desire for
Company, aversion to, desire for solitude
Forsaken, sensation of isolation
Confidence, lack of (CS)

Prover K

Fear, loosing control, of
Speak, unable to (fear of )
Company, aversion to, desire for solitude
Forgetful, words, of, in his mind
” ” written, of what he had
Anxiety, that something will happen
Outrage, feeling of

Prover S

Awareness heightened
Delusions, as if would go forwards out of body
Fear, blackness of (dark?)
Forgetful, placed, of where, something
Doubtful of self
Confidence lack of self (+CS)
Concentration difficult
Irresolute, plans, in
Dwells on past disagreeable experiences
Anxiety, others, for
” ” Something will happen
Thoughts of death, of killing, of destruction, of suicide
Fear, control, will loose self
” ” attacked, of being
” ” violence, of
Delusion, bound and uncomfortable, she is, in her body

Prover T

Increase in bonds of friendship
Isolation, sensation of
Contacting old friends, loving response/ignored
Feel so deeply
Cannot express intense feelings of love
Full of feeling, beyond reason
Sensitive to all impressions
Desire to retreat, to sleep, the external world is so harsh

Prover U

Company, aversion to
” ” < anything that stops the flow Control, feel out of Will, lack of Speech, cannot find the words Not able to get a grip on things [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title="Results of using Venus S.E. in practice" style="fancy" icon="folder-2"]Clinical Experience So far I have only a few cases of clinical use of Venus. At this stage I'm just putting out the information here with little case analysis. You can decide for yourself how effective you think it may have been in each case. Some details of the cases are excluded or changed for confidentiality purposes, but they are as clear and complete as possible. Post Operative Malaise -The Case of G G (45 years) came to me with concern about an operation for having her varicose veins removed, wanting to know what would be best to take to help heal afterwards. There are many interesting mental/emotional symptoms relating to her situation and some may well be relevant, but for the moment I'll just give you the acute summary. I gave her Arnica 30 and Hamemellis 6 to take over the first few days, also Phosphorus 30 to take after the operation if she needed it. I asked her to contact me if she needed to. The evening after the operation G felt "not with it" "very tired" "staring into space when tired". Hadn't taken the Phosphorus I had recommended for this, she wasn't sure about it. RX Phosphorus 30 The following day G reported her sleep had been very poor and there was no change in the other symptoms. RX Phosphorus 30 to be repeated after 4 hours if no change. Later that evening and after three doses of Phosphorus in total, there was still no change. I had never known Phosphorus 30 not work for the after effects of anaesthetic. I was about to give her Phosphorus 200, and recalled the symptoms of Venus S.E. I had been compiling. There was a similarity. RX Venus S.E. 200 The following day G reported the following:- She had slept well. Happier. Overall energy been much better, but now really tired - had a deep and intense day. Has been less spaced out, can think now, though beginning to feel these symptoms returning. Was experiencing old stored up feelings of isolation and fear from when was in hospital as a child. Like coming out of prison, coming back into the world. RX Venus S.E. 200 Immediately, she reported feeling more grounded and relaxed and sleepy. The following day, G reported still feeling much more grounded, better in herself but still tired and exhausted easily. I felt reticent to repeat Venus S.E. here partly through being unfamiliar with it and went on to try two other remedies over the next week, none of which brought any significant improvement. It could be seen that some of G's remaining symptoms were proving symptoms of Venus S.E., which made me a little wary about over prescription, but I feel this is unlikely due to her general improvement. So, maybe try Venus S.E. as a remedy to help deal with the after effects of anaesthetic if all else fails. There may be pointers towards using it before Phosphorus but I don't feel qualified to give this yet. So far I have only used it in this way once. Ist Day of a Period - The case of M (This is just an initial write up of this case - more later when I have clarified some of the symptoms with her) M is 40 y/o and generally has few problems with her menses. Ever since the birth of her 1st child the menstrual cramps she has have decreased, leaving only a moderate irritability pre-menstrually, and a tiredness on day one of the flow. Constitutionally, she reports that a few remedies have helped her general emotional and energetic state. The main problem being lack of energy and a workaholic/fastidious excess. The remedies have been Sulphur, Carcinosin, Nux Vomica and Sepia, with none being that conclusive but she reports all helped move her on somewhat. I saw her on the first day of her period. Her symptoms were: Nausea. Tiredness. Depressed, negative, worthless, feels incompetent, overwhelmed. Irritability. Feeling ungrounded, unable to concentrate. Uterine cramps. Heat in head and chest, flushed feeling. There were no real modalities that might have led to e.g. sepia, Pulsatilla in this case. The overall picture reminded me of Venus, notably the symptoms of tiredness, inability to concentrate, and the polarity of vulnerability/lack of focus/tiredness <---> irritability/tension. Five minutes after having a single dose of Venus-S-E 30c she was more able to get on with her day, the cramps, the tiredness and lack of focus particularly being improved (by about 90%). Later, that evening, she still needed to go to bed early but was more balanced emotionally and not in pain.

This is a case where I didn’t expect all symptoms to “vanish” but hoped, at best, for her to be more in balance and for her to be able to cope with the day despite having a need of rest on the first and heaviest flowing, day of her menses. This is someone to whom I have given a supply of the remedy to take in similar circumstances, but have no further incidences to report on as yet.

Why 'Venus Stella Errans'
Why Not Just “Venus” ?

I first thought the remedy name would be “Venus” (abbrev: venus ?), but realised the potential confusion between it and “Venus Mercenaria” (abbrev: ven-m), the South American scallop, especially on ordering the remedy. I also realised that although “Venus” is used as the name of the planet it is actually an archetype, so I need to be specific about what “Venus” the remedy is of.

“Venus the Planet” sounds like “Pluto the Dog”; the universal latin naming of remedies is established and appropriate so, the options were “Venus Planetes” or “Venus Stella Errans”. “Planetes” is the latin for “planet”. It is a more modern latin term, replacing the older “stella errans”, which means “moving star” (star used to be the name of a bright object in the sky, not referring to a “sun” as it does now).

I chose the name Venus Stella Errans beacause it is more descriptive, feels more in resonance with the remedy and I just think it sounds better. The abbreviation I suggest is “ven-s-e”, again to distinguish it from the scallop.

Thanks to Janet Burns for the guidance with the latin grammar.