Venus mercenaria


Frequency of urination, especially during the day. Scalp and skin of the face and limbs itchy. Predominantly right sided. Sometimes there is a pseudo influenza, weakness at 10 a.m., extreme chilliness from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sensation of contusion when pressure is applied.

MIND-Lack of co-ordination of thoughts. Dull mood, state of indifference and lack of concentration. Sensation of boredom with fear of crying for no reason. Exaggerated irritability from noise and people. Mania. Schizophrenia. Feels cut off from the world. Drunk feeling in the morning.

ABDOMEN — Abdominal pains around 9 p.m. like menstrual pains. Muco-membranous enterocolitis. Flatulence and rumbling in the morning.

BACK — Arthralgia and muscle pain with stiffness in the back and nape of the neck on waking.

CHEST-Tender around the sternum.

CONSTITUTIONS — Allergic, psoric and sycotic types, tending towards a cancerous state following severe self-intoxication.

FEMALE — Amenorrhea. Menses painful, especially at onset, for 2-3 hours. Menstrual pain ameliorated by heat and lying down. Depressed on first day of menstruation.

FOOD — Desire for cold food, thirsty for cold water, ameliorated in the evening. Food tastes metallic.

HEAD — Frontal, dull headache, behind the eye to the right with nausea, especially in the afternoon. Occipital headache on the right side, also in the afternoon. Migraines of digestive origin. Frontal and occipital hemicrania of the right or left side with nausea and feeling as if the head were being held tightly. Headache, aggravated in the afternoon, by exercise, ameliorated by sitting quietly in the dark and in the late evening.

HEART — Short stabbing pain in the heart.

KIDNEYS — Persistent pain in the right kidney on waking up. Fleeting pain in the left kidney. Frequency of urination by day. Urineturbid, frothy with a fetid odor. Frequent need to urinate.

LIMBS — Pain and paresthesia of the limbs. Cramps, heaviness, itching of the arms and legs. These pains are ameliorated by movement. Pains in the hip, knee and ankle joints. Right knee swollen, hot and painful. Muscle pain. Arthritis. Arthrosis.

MODALITIES — Better from movement. Worse on waking, in morning, in afternoon. Worse from noise.

MOUTH — Soreness of the left lower lip and corner of lips. Blister on the lips. Tongue coated, furred. Cold feeling in the mouth and throat. Teeth sensitive to hot and cold, especially on the upper left jaw.

NERVES — Incoordination of the mind and body when writing.

RECTUM — Slight diarrhea or stubborn constipation with no desire to go to stool.

SKIN — Itching eczema. Prurigo simplex. Itching of the limbs, ears, back and face. Urticaria on the left hand. Boils and eruptions on the face.

SLEEP — Sleep disturbed, waking at 2 a.m. Dreams of spiders. Dreams of violence, ending in death. Dreams of death and disease.

STOMACH — Dyspepsia. Stomach ulcer. Nausea after eating with headache and vomiting. Flatulence all day long. Pressing stomachache with nausea, ameliorated after eating. Heaviness in the epigastrium, feeling of a stone in the stomach, aggravated by menses and at night.

THROAT — Pain on right side, spreading to the ear, aggravated by swallowing with dryness, chill and swollen glands. Constriction in the pharynx and larynx. Boil on the neck.

VERTIGO — Vertigo on rising after sitting for a long time, worse when ever tired, ameliorated by pressure.

COMMENTS -Ven-m. in one single dose of 30c or repeated once is a remedy both for attacks of migraine and for complaints based on migraine headaches.

RELATIONS-Compare: (1)Calc. — digestive complaints with acrid-smelling stools, nausea and headache, chilliness. (2) Iris. — headache around the right eye with gastric complaints, burning and heartburn. (3)Lyc. — meteorism, constipation, depression, aggravated from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Complementary: Care, is complementary. REFERENCES-Julian.



The Venus Mercenaria begins its life as a male, and ends as a female.
There is ‘disgust’ in the remedy. In almost all these remedies, we can recognise a kind of immaturity that more or less affects the sense of pleasure that these people could have in life. But in Venus Mercenaria is a deep sense of disgust. It’s not only the matter that they’re not able to please their body, and not interested in the nice side of our experience eon this planet, it’s really a person who has more or less a negative approach to life. The glass is always half empty. A chronic, pessimistic attitude. They’re only able to perceive that everything is going to die. It almost gives you the impression that this person is constantly taking note of a kind of internal clock that tells them how much time is left. They often say that their food tastes disgusting. They may have a metallic taste in the mouth.

They seem to leave their support as soon as they have the impression that it is getting less effective. Of five cases of this remedy, they all stayed at home and didn’t get married until they were in their late forties. The marriage is not a passionate relationship but a contract. It makes facing the future safer.

Safe environment SELF-DESTRUCTIVENESS Grudge
o Hvoeraesthesia
o Immaturity
o Retraction Spasmodic
Congestion passive
(Slow processes)

Often a common strategy to compensate your anguish is to take care of people with the problem that is one of your fears. There is an immature fear of death, so they might work with terminally ill people, for example. It’s again part of the cynical attitude — they take advantage of the fact that they see other people dying, but it’s not their turn. In some way. they feel better and more fortunate.
Distance — However, there is a strong sense of being detached from their environment. They may work with dying people all the time, but there is such a deep sense of indifference. Indifference is not strong enough — it verges on the theme of disgust. Disgust allows them to keep the distance between you and the rest of the world — you’re only surrounded by rotten and disgusting things, and there is no reason to get emotionally involved in that.

Self Destructive — From the clinical point of view, this is close to Asterias. But there is a clear difference. Asterias has many processes of this active congestion — you see acute relapses of a basic, chronic situation and you see a person who is overactive in every sense. In Venus Mercenaria. the person is mostly devoted to saving his energy. In the end. there is a kind of avarice: an attitude of consuming as little as possible, because in this way they will continue to survive longer.

It is as if the system tries to do its best not to have to do with Doctors for as long as possible. It’s a kind of deep, inner fear of whatever could be related with that. They try to keep in all the diseases of life, and not to show them at all. But at the right moment, when the system finally starts to have something that is not working anymore, it’s a kind of catastrophic attitude. It’s a serious disease which is not so easy to compensate.

In all six cases, three had cancer, one had parents who died of cancer, and in the two children, there was a lot of family history of cancer. You can see from this that they don’t grow up thinking that life is beautiful.

They may say that from early days, they knew that they would get such a disease. «It’s normal that my end would be like this.» It’s a feeling that they could predict from years ago that this should be the end.

Heaviness — Every pain is dragging, heavy, like a stone, like a burden. Something that drags them down. The whole system is very slow. Trying to save their energy as much as possible.

It’s not only a perception of the suffering of these people, but it is also a clinical translation, seen in the physical symptoms. They’ll have a sensation that they’re walking with just half of the body — one half is already in the ground, and they’re trying to remain as upright as possible despite this.

Passive Congestion — Swelling in the lower limbs, slow lymphatic system. Symptoms of dragging down.
Immaturity — You often see very regressive behaviours. At the age of 30. they’ll still suck their thumb. On at 40 will go to sleep with his blanket. At the age of 50 he likes to do silly things like a child should.

They try to show a behaviour which is in contrast to getting old and getting closer to death. They try to act to say, ,,I’m still alive. If I do this, I look younger.»

In Calcarea there is a fear of getting an infectious disease — they want to be informed about everything. They don’t want to touch something that might be infected by bacteria, etc. In the case of Venus Mercenaria, this is ten times more. The idea of trying to be healthy is really pathological. They would prefer to live in a completely sterile environment.

Dependency — Very close to what we see in Calc Carb, Spongia & Corallium. It’s not so different to what we’ve already seen. In Venus Mercenaria, it’s colder in some way. They really do their best to maintain the only few possible relationships that makes sense to them.
Grudge — Not that different to what we’ve seen in the other Sea animals. It was very prominent in Massimo’s cases, often used or exposed as a need that they have in order not to cope with the rest of the world. They have a few dramatic, awful, bad experiences and for this reason they don’t want to have to deal anymore with anybody else.

Hyperaesthesia — Like Calcarea but even stronger. They do whatever they can to avoid suffering. An over-protective attitude rather than somebody who is reacting too strong to an existing pain. When they do get it, it is something awful, something dramatic (like in Spongia or Corallium). The sensation of pain is of something unknown — it is perceived as the beginning of the end.

Spasmodic Retraction — He needs to escape as soon as possible from a painful experience. They translate the symptomatology into something cramping, clenching, closing. Spasms mainly affect the lower limbs and the belly. In Massimo’s female patients, these cramps were horrendous during

All the patient had some serious problem with their feet. Superficially, it was a problem of venous / lymphatic congestion. At the end of the day. the feet were one size more than normal. They’d wear special kind of shoes, etc., but still have awful pain in the feet. They’d have to wear extra comfortable type of shoes: they’re unable to wear any other type. Walking is very painful, and worse at the end of the day. «I feel as if all the weight of my body was dragging me down. As if my sense of gravity is condensed and collapsed on my feet. It’s as if my feet are already in my coffin.»

Motion — They appear as very lazy, slow people, as someone who does not enjoy any kind of sport or using the physical body. Metaphorically, they don’t want to move from where they are to somewhere new. They will only do what really makes sense to help them survive. They won’t use their energy in a useless way. They want to be healthy, but only in a passive way. not in an active way.

The Children — The two children Massimo has seen is that they took care of dying animals. One had a strange attitude towards lizards — he wanted to have a rifle as a present. He was good at injuring lizards, and then treating them and looking after them. The other one has a strong passion for worms and was digging under the soil looking for them. He learnt at school that these worms were hermaphrodites and had the idea (aged 8) that this was a beautiful thing because you wouldn’t have to marry anybody! He learnt that if you cut them, you have two still alive. His main passion would be to cut them into pieces and to see how many of them would survive.