Organon §183

A second prescription should be made based on the new, more complete group of symptoms.

Therefore, as soon as the first dose of the medicine produces nothing further that is beneficial, new findings of the disease must again be gathered, the status morbi [disease state] must be recorded as it is now, and a second homeopathic means must be selected that exactly fits the present, the current state. This second means should be all the more appropriate since the group of symptoms has become more numerous and complete.

One should wait until the first medication produces nothing further that is beneficial unless the newly arisen ailments are serious and, on account of their intensity, demand more prompt aid [§249]. This, however, is almost never the case in very protracted diseases due to the smallness of the doses of homeopathic medicines. 176


176 There are cases where the patient feels very ill, but experiences only scant symptoms. This state can be ascribed to a dulling of the nerves which does not allow the patient's pains and ailments to be distinctly perceived. (This occurs very rarely in chronic diseases, while it is less rare in acute diseases.) In these cases, opium expunges this stupor of the inner feeling sense, and the symptoms of the disease come distinctly to light in the after-action.