Organon §102

Upon recording the symptoms of several cases of this kind, the sketch of the disease image becomes more and more complete-not larger and more verbose, but more characteristic, more encompassing of the peculiarity of this collective disease. On one hand, the general signs (e.g. , loss of appetite, sleeplessness) obtain their own narrower determinations. On the other hand, the more marked, particular, and (at least in this connection) rarer symptoms, belonging to only a few diseases, emerge and form what is characteristic for this epidemic. 149

To be sure, all those afflicted by the epidemic at that time have the same disease, flowing from one and the same source. However, the entire extent of such an epidemic disease and the totality of its symptoms (knowledge of which belongs to the overview of the complete disease-image, so one can choose the most fitting homeopathic remedy for this symptom-complex) cannot be perceived in a single patient, but can only be completely abstracted and gathered [inferred] from the sufferings of several patients of different bodily constitutions.


149 For the physician who has already, in the first cases, been able to choose a remedy that approximates the specifically homeopathic one, subsequent cases will either confirm the suitability of the chosen medicine or direct the physician to an even more fitting, the most fitting homeopathic remedy.

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