Organon §181

Imperfectly prescribed medicines complete the symptom content of one-sided diseases, thus facilitating the finding of a second, more apt medicine.

Let it not be interjected that the accessory ailments that now appear and the new symptoms of this disease are due only to the medication that was just used. The ailments do come from the medicine, 175 but they are only those symptoms whose appearance this disease was itself capable of engendering in this body. The medicine, as a self-engenderer of similar symptoms, merely prompted the symptoms to appear. In a word, one has to accept the entire symptom complex that has now become visible as belonging to the disease itself, as the present true state, and to further manage it accordingly.  


175 That is, the symptoms and ailments come from the medicine unless they are caused by an important error in living habits, a violent passion or a stormy development in the organism (e.g. , the onset or cessation of menses, conception, childbirth, etc.).