Pearl (mytilus edulis) — Жемчужина

MORGAN J., The Proving of Pearl Taken from the Common Mussel

The proving of PEARL taken from the common mussel. This remedy proving was undertaken by Helios Pharmacy staff 22 March 1997 (the time of the Spring Equinox, Halebop and the approaching Easter celebration).

It is a meditative proving conducted while making the remedy from substance to 30c. Receivings, sensations, dreams and symptoms experienced during and after the making and taking of the remedy are those recorded.

To complete this proving it would be ideal to also conduct a conventional proving
The power of a group of people in Harmony and in a Heightened (and protected) State of Consciousness must be emphasised here.

With thanks and Love and Light to Everyone at Helios. And Special Thanks to Rosemary and Rachel.

Pearl — spiritual
Monk with me all the way through;
• offering me a Prayer Book
• Pearls of Wisdom — gateway to greater wisdom and Ultimate Love
• One Path
• The Sacredness of Religion and of Prayer and of Quietude
• solitary but always in the company of God
• Connects to Cosmic Consciousness: to Universal forces.
• Links in directly with the vibration of the Great Invocation and of the White Brotherhood.
• The Point of Love
• It s nature is about undergoing change and could emerge as anything, but always different to the previous state.
• Restores wholeness. Creates Light.
• Deep Soul connections.
• Helps strengthen and re-link people with the pulse of Light and of Spirit and of Nature.
• Brings acceptance of Self.
• Infinite depths: could pass down deeper and deeper — reach what you think is the bottom of the limit, and then go further.
• Gentle hope and balance to the soul tormented by conflict, dilemma and fear (division).
• The very gentle, s1~w awakening from the darkness of unconsciousness into the light of full consciousness.
• Helps to slow down an over-speedy process of healing — where someone’s defences have been too hastily taken down (e.g. after Nat-M or Berlin Wall); also of birth, pregnancy, adolescence.
• Pearl will put you onto the path of the heart, as opposed to what is done out of duty — bringing an awareness of the beauty in each Soul, and an enjoyment and celebration of the natural world.
• Restores the Birthright of Love. Retrieves the Soul from a sense of desperate yearning and connects her with her higher purpose.
• Message is about transformation and purification of impurities by sacrifice, love and forgiveness.
• Strengthens the Higher Self to transform the lower self.
• Characteristic of it s aura is shimmering but with defined particles.
• Blue aura, but on triturating, fluorescent green; red aura surrounded by blue.
Green vibration — Heart.
• Acts directly on the very centre of chakras and of the links between the various bodies.
• Can restore and heal the matrix of the aura where there is damage caused by drugs, alcohol or radiation toxicity.
• Restores and grounds and integrates rather than cleanses.
• Brow Chakra: changing perceptions
Brings expansion and re-balance of Pineal particularly; but also Pituitary.
• Strengthens the brow chakra and mental body by restoring
confidence and self-esteem, allaying fears and helps put order back into lives.
• Remedy for crown, sacral and heart chakras — pineal gland, solar plexus.
Tingling in solar plexus.
• Aligns glandular bodies to higher vibration and activity.
• Restores the Sword in the Stone.
The Stone Cross of Celtic Britain
• Holocaust Karma — memories, dreams
• Links with Unicorn and triangular energy. Egypt — Pyramid power.
• Power, authority and the mis-use of it. Masquerades, lies and deception. Secrets/fears/KGB etc.
• The Borgias: Machiiaelli: Roman Empire: The Pharaohs: Atlantis.
• Unresolved and unresolving sadness — related to heart.
Lovesickness: unrequited yearning. Deep, deep, long-standing Karmic grief. Capacity to turn this to sheer joy through the soul’s lesson of connection to the power, warmth and energy of the Spirit. Transmutation. Phoenix energy.
• Clarification/crystallisation/truth. Remover of all masks and hypocrisy between the ego and the soul.
But with great gentleness, so that a person feels protected, enfolded
and held — even while confronting their own darkness (Emerald).

Pearl — dreams
— vivid dreams: unable to recall them.
1. Cycling on a bike that was too small for me, following a colleague to a big expansive beach: brilliant sunshine, warm day.
• In a shack, aware that I’m going to have to do a talk, but not sure where I am and when.  A woman gives me a flat piece of leather with a symbol on it and tells me to meditate on it.  I leave the shack in order to return home and change for the talk, knowing I must be back by twelve noon.  But the weather had dramatically changed to a full-blown storm with thunder and lightening actually hitting the sand.

2. Friend/patient unwell. Suggestion of cancer. I was told 3 times, ‘No, it’s lupus erythematosis.’

3. Approaching Seville in airplane. Very grey and misty. Disappointed as wanted sun. On arrival, everyone spoke Norwegian. Sitting at a long, long table with couples each side, male and female alternating. Chatting to neighbours while eating; they finished and left. Another couple came. Then 2 priests arrived — tremendous applause — seems they had done something great in somewhere like Sarajevo or some similar place.

4. Dream of the 2 aspects of Lucifer represented for me by 2 men (I know): man a)- very spiritual, light and feminine, who was constantly pointing to something connected with Pearl: a book or a symbol of some kind. Influence of the Light — Enlightened Love. Man b)- a great square-faced man with a huge furrow between his eyebrows — driving all over the place in a huge landrovery car. Very Kali-looking: closed — heavy — masculine — lumbering. Into the physical. Dark.
Apparently also completely governed by his own sensuality. His sleazy reputation preceded him everywhere. He was well-known for one-night stands — including rape, and had frightened a girl so much she had pretended to fall asleep.

5. Dream of being in a very grand garden — just walking about for no particular reason but feeling of should not be there and that should be using my time working etc. — not enjoying the garden. Another important feeling but have forgotten it.

6. Dreamt I was in an odd-shaped kitchen trying to place things on very narrow shelves and the things would not fit. My mother comes in with a very serious expression on her face and I feel dread that she is going to criticise me for something. She tells me that there is going to be an explosion and the world will turn fluorescent. I think how nice, but how strange it will be with orange grass and pink trees etc.~ Not threatened — but fascinated by the idea

Pearl — generalities
• Frailty — frail beauty: fragility: delicacy: very feminine. Refined and elegant femininity: irritation beneath this surface.
• Venous congestion: blood purifier: can be given in conjunction with Echinacea.
Thickening of arteries, heart, lung cavities.
• Embittered old arthritics who mutter and grumble and cannot forgive and let go of the past.
• Assists with all transitions: birth, death, new moves in a person’s life.
• Birth and re-birth: mimics all stages of the evolution of the foetus.
• Restores fluid balances in the body. Restores rhythms and cycles i.e. menses
(re-establishing or establishing them), and heart/pulse o. vtcL irregularities
respiratory (restores balance and flow).

• Sycotic miasm Tubercular.
The growth of cysts, tumours etc. in an attempt to re-balance and contain negativity/pathology — to cut it off from the rest of the organism in order to protect the greater part of the organism.

• Galstones, calculi, kidney stones.
• High cholesterol: globules of fat deposits in body.
• Fat, flabby Calc cases with oedema and kidney weaknesses. Tiredness and especially weariness.
• Can help to lighten the mercury pollution miasm. Eliminates heavy metals from the system.
• Ear problems.
• Left-sided remedy.
• Remedy for the immune system: A.I. D. S: leukaemia: lymph drainage: low white or T cell count: Gulf War Syndrome: radiation poisoning.
• Fluid in the joints, brain.
• Cracking, popping sensations.
• Aids healing of broken bones
• Aids correction of any disorder in the bone from malfunctioning mast cells to bone marrow transplants. Helps correct bone growth and in closing the fontanelles.

Pearl — mentals
• Having to adjust or re-adjust your perceptions of your life or the world.
• Things not as they were before;
out of sync. Swings — dips: heights and depths.
• Nervous about moving forward or changing. Anticipatory nervousness.
• An emergence of vision. Perfection and flaws:
• Remedy for the exact point of change.
• Remaining long in the gateway — assists in the transition to the other side.
• Someone who is reticent in acknowledging their qualities or potential.
• Recognition: people who have a pathological need to be recognised, included, accepted — (on the periphery: desperate to merge; a feeling of isolation).
Those who under-estimate themselves, who doubt their true value — who are too full of humility and choose to hide and not reveal themselves.
• Catalystic remedies: could give alongside constitutional in order to promote and help facilitate a change that a person may wish to make in their lives.
• Helps to bring realisations into a person’s life; about how they can expand particularly to allow or create more space in their lives for whatever.
• Fastidiousness: exacting of circumstances or preparation, i.e. someone who likes to prepare well.
• Need for order.
• Chrysalis — cocoon — emergence.
A person who ends up playing piggy-in-the-middle. people feeling torn, divided, pulled in many directions.
• The specific point between 2 sides i.e. male and female.
• The peace between warring parties.
• Has the ability to restore harmony and reveal awareness where there has been misunderstanding and conflict.
• Co-ordinates.
• Felt bad about myself: unworthy: putting self down.
• As if I don’t fit in.
• Sad and indulging in feeling sorry for myself.
• desperate to hide or run away.
• Brings hope to those who’ve lost all.
• Grief through disappointment.
• Unresolved and unresolving sadness: unrequited yearning.
• Softens those who’ve become hard and embittered by awakening them to the realisation of their behaviour.
• Sacrifice: for the good of all — giving up of self
Where am I? what happened?
Nothing left of me.
Not enough: nothing left
• The pearl sits in a shell — is not a pearl without the shell. needs security
• For people who feel abandoned and have been abandoned. They need to feel secure and held.
I wanted to feel wrapped around and curl up in something warm.
• Remedy to help with clouded issues; to promote clarity of thought and find the right way.
Symbol of new life and birth like Easter (this is an appropriate time to prove the remedy).
• Hysteria
• Weepy out of proportion to cause
• Strong affinity with the intellect and 3rd eye.
Focuses and crystallises confusion: scattered thoughts: lack of awareness.
• Refines the processes of thought: brings dreams very vividly, powerfully and creatively to consciousness.
• Very deluded, manic states: megalomania — very shut off, depressed states.
• Manic depression: assists the sufferer to achieve balance.
• Awful sadness and grief: appears to be no joy, hope or love, and there is no connection to a spiritual source, or the source of connection has been lost.
Unrequited love.
• Bitterness and frailty are important qualities
Great sense of depth, very deep long-held emotions, especially grief (Nat-M)
Depth of personality — people with long experience.
• Joy that is hidden — those who do not allow themselves to experience joy out of guilt or grief.
• People who are perfectionists and very fastidious, but not critical with it.
Enormous sense of pride and nobility. Great purity in everything.
• Polarity between the innocence of youth and the wisdom and experience of age.
For people living out of their age — those who do not learn from their experience and retain the naivetй of youth, or those who have lost their childhoods (Carcinosin).
The image of the young pearl fisher and the dowager.
• Apathy — low confidence
Hopelessness — feeling negative about life but can’t be bothered to do anything about it. Feel as though career will not work out for me — perhaps it was all a mistake.
• Vague feeling of insecurity, uncertainty of the future (from unrecalled dreams in sleep).
• Emotionally sensitive pre-period — feel I could put myself in any extreme state — self created.
• Can’t hold onto anything physical or emotional.
• 4 days after taking the remedy I left my repertory and materia medica at a study group and then got totally lost in the car going home in spite of the fact I knew the road well.
Could not work out how to get back on the right road and felt I had
lost a few minutes of time; I had no recollection of some of the journey.
Not feeling with it at all.
• Helps people to make a clean break and start again in their lives. Brings clarity of vision.
• Can heal broken relationships — especially with the father.
• Helps to concretise ideas and plans when too many fears get in the way. Irresolution.
• Extremely important for the young.
Important for giving back identity and a sense of self to children who have many fears.
• Remedy for those who have become too crystallised and inflexible. Good for soldiers, perfectionists or suppressed children, who suffer too much from too much order and rigidity.
— Breaks down people who over-protect themselves by overworking. Brings acceptance, more trust and restores an unfeeling heart.
Pearl — vertigo
• light-headed
• faint
• ‘out of body’ sensation
Pearl — head
•meningitis: stiff shoulders and neck
Pearl — eye
• small white opaque lump came up on lower left eyelid: no pain. went next morning leaving a red mark: no discharge
• blocked tear duct
• itchy eyes — hay fever

Pearl — ears
• rushing noises in the ears
• Eardrums: glue ear
Unblocker of ears due to Eustachian catarrh

Pearl — nose
• sneezing — hay fever
• good catarrh remedy, like Kali-Bich, but more lumpy, gelatinous masses.
Pearl — face
• eruptions: acne: across bridge of nose. white hard spots under the skin
• skin on left-hand side is dry, sore, congested and sore.
• spots on hair-line pre-period

Pearl — mouth
• remedy for teeth, affections of, enamel i.e. : softening
• assists in formation of teeth and in correction of malformed teeth (Tub, Calc Phos).
Pearl — throat
• sore throat

Pearl — abdomen
• pressure on abdomen from the inside.
Pearl — urinary/kidneys
— kidney stones, and damage to kidneys following heart failure or weakness.
Bloating — water retention — dropsy
• gall-stones
• excellent for the kidneys — better than Calc. Renalis for calculi or sediment.

Pearl — female
• Birth — imminent labour
Partner’s reluctance/anticipation at birth of baby and changes it will bring into her life. Baby/soul’s anticipation of the same sentiment.
• Restores rhythm or cycle of menses.
• Pearl in its essence mimics the evolution of the foetus through all it S stages.
• Aids conception. Needed for all l.V. F children.
• Severe cramping pain in ovaries and uterus, left and right sided. felt faint with the pain.
• Period too early or too late

Pearl — respiratory
• miasmatically Tubercular (sycosis also)
• thickening of lung cavities.
• asthma connected with grief and disappointment.
• 1 inked to T. B in resembling the process of ‘Caseation’ (cheesy lumps) that form through that disease.
• can be used in active TB
• can support the action of Tuberculinum where patients have a strong family background of T. B or p/h of it themselves.

Pearl — chest/heart
• Venous congestion:
thickening of arteries, heart.
• Restores balance of heart and pulse irregularities.
• Damage of any kind: physical or emotional.
Use after a heart attack — with Kali-Mur and Arnica. Damage, especially to left-hand ventricle.
• Malfunction of the A. V node.
Malfunction of any of the chambers of the heart. Hole in the heart.
• Vessels supplying the heart. Angina.
• Can use low to support.
• Breast lumps: soreness, tenderness, worse with menses.

Pearl — back
• stiff neck and shoulders
• desire to swivel head slowly for relief but not alleviated much.
.- tingling in cervical region of spine extending down left arm.

Pearl — fever
Quick fevers with much head-sweat, coated tongue and bad breath, with metallic taste in the mouth.
Pearl — skin
• Sycotic cysts, tumours.
White, hard eruptions (acne) under the skin.
• Can increase elimination in Calc Carb children skin cases. 6x repeated can be tolerated well.
• All kinds of eczemas, skin irritations, with itching eyes.
• Action with wounds and suppurations — soldiers, battle injuries.

Pearl — related remedies
Silica: Calc-Carb: Sea Holly: (use with) Natrum-Mur, Sea-Salt, Calc— Phos
Rainbow: Luna: Moonstone: Silver: Medorrhinum: Emerald. Dolphin.
Echinacea: Tub: Thuja:
Links with all sea remedies: coral — all corals:
Argent—Sidereum: Aranea4ela: Berlin Wall: Plutonium: Ferrum -Sidereum.
Colour remedies.
Silica — fragility of appearance yet tough, resilient core.

Pearl — appendix 1
Mytilus edulis
Mussels are one of the commonest bivalves on Britain’s rocky coasts. They have been eaten by man since early times, and the first mussel farms in Europe were established in France in the 13th century.

Mussels extract not only food particles from the surrounding water, but also any toxins and pollutants present.

These become concentrated in the mussel’s body, making it unfit to eat.
Some mussels contain many minute ‘pearls’ produced by wrapping up irritating particles in mother-or-pearl.

Spawning occurs in early spring, the larvae floating in the plankton before settling down to colonise new areas. The attachment, or byssus, threads are secreted as a thick fluid which hardens on contact with water, firmly anchoring the mussel in position.

Mussels can re-absorb their threads and move about until they find an ideal place to settle: however older mussels rarely move.

• Mussels often grow in tightly packed clumps, attached to the rocks and to each other by byssus threads.
Barnacles often attach themselves to the mussels and predatory dog whelks may bore through their shells.
• When exposed to the air the mussels remain firmly closed.
• A mussel opens only when submerged. It feeds by drawing water in through the frilly siphon and emitting it through the plain one.
The harmless pea crab lives inside the mussel’s shell, feeding on it S waste products.

Pearl — appendix 2
further prover’s experiences:
After the dream I did a visualisation and received the following:
Man a! ‘Lucifer I am. Light Bearer before my descent into matter. I carry the light within my heart — light that absorbs light to reflect more light. The Soul reflects and gives back in this miraculous two way process. The Self-contained wisdom of pearl is the key to it S soul purpose; the soul’s purpose is to find and to give out more and more light, and to reflect back the light in others It is so easy for a light-being to maintain and to emit light. So hard in the physical body — which is the soul’s task on incarnating: to transmute the grit and irritation back into light. Which is the beautiful lesson and learning of Pearl.’

Man b/ ‘Lucifer I am, forgetting my source; descended into matter. Governed by the reflexes of my own physical desires. The wish to be everywhere at once, but trapped by this large, lumbering physical vehicle. Thought governed by intellect and rationality rather than intuition and creativity. The act of procreation — which should be one of love, of Souls merging at a point of deep physical union — a brutal forcing of the will, so that the soul seeks to escape through oblivion, an oblivion brought on by a numbing of the senses because the pain is too great. And so descent into matter — into unconscious, none etherealized matter, is complete. And this begins the lesson of the pearl; to remember; to connect; to feel the painful grit; contain it -and transmute it back into the light.’

Pearl — Afterwards
The theme of this dream has been the theme in my life the 3/4 weeks immediately after Pearl. Initially there was this wonderful sense of connection with and empowerment from a spiritual source through my own meditation and channellings — especially strong over Easter time. This was accompanied by symptoms resembling thrush -and blowing blood out of my nose, as though my sinuses were infected. An awareness of and deep connection with the Christ energy and an understanding that I was being cleansed; spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Then the dear kind thoughtful universe presented me with an opportunity to feel the pain from my childhood. I met (having not seen her for over 30 years!!) again with the nanny I had had whilst we were living in Turkey (aged 5-7 years approx.). She showed me a photograph of me sitting on the steps outside our house.

There was a sudden flash of recognition in me (I had not seen this photograph before), that this picture was me as I was almost never allowed to be; scruffy, tomboyish, not smiling in that awful rictus of false fun you do for the camera — with very sad eyes, and I could see my feet (most photos of me were never earthed). I suddenly remembered as well those very scuffed slip-on brogues I always wore. And this realisation allowed me to feel so much pain from my childhood, of constant loss; lack of connection; instant connection and severance.

This particular nanny was lovely, I was really happy with her — she was this wonderful oasis of calm and centeredness in all the turmoil of life as a diplomat~ daughter with parents who really didn’t get on and a mother who always expected me to mother her. For the first and only time in my childhood there was someone for me — who let me be me; who did fun, child-centred things with me — and who then disappeared.

I wrote this in my journal shortly after meeting her; ‘I feel I have connected with a great well — and beyond it an ocean of repressed pain. I was astonished, writing what I did about Lynn last week, at the intensity of the feeling that came up. I just sobbed and sobbed, like Natrum-Mur — wracked, unstoppably.’

The experience, whilst painful (extremely), has also been incredibly positive, allowing me to make connections with so many of the disconnected, abandoned bits from my childhood and to begin, it feels to me, a process of recognition and integration. It has also shown/is showing — my pattern of blocking love, intimacy, connection out of fear of the pain of abandonment — and the lesson of just giving from the heart, without expecting (necessarily) a return.

So truly it seems — for me — as one of my Guides said the day after our meditation; ‘Pearl will use the problems and the grit to create a beautiful light. This I feel is it s essence.

He also (the Guide), mentioned a connection between Pearl and Rainbow — Pearl being The feminine principle of Rainbow. Where rainbow goes out into the world dynamically cleansing — pearl will use the problems and the grit to create a beautiful light. The one is lustre from heaven. The other lustre from earth — reaching into heaven. So they are marvellously connected together.’

From having been in an emotional state of feeling stronger -suddenly seemed to go downhill on the few days prior to my homoeopathic follow-up. When I booked it I was feeling optimistic and ready to move on. As my appointment approached I wanted to cancel, because I felt so bad about myself and I didn’t want to open up anymore and talk about myself.

I felt as if I didn’t fit-in despite having no feedback at all that should make me think that, in fact quite the opposite. I felt it was on the tip of my tongue to say I was going, and I didn’t feel I wanted to give any explanation but just go away and hide. I felt unworthy and, even though I know everyone has their own intrinsic value, kept comparing what others could do to what I felt able to do. I felt I hadn’t crossed any hurdles, was full of theory and no ‘doing.’ I felt sad and indulged in feeling sorry for myself1even though I know it is within my power to change things, I’d lost all impetus to do so.

I found it difficult to meditate and felt very tearful. I’ve made a few mistakes lately and felt disproportionately bad about them, mentally putting myself down even further. When travelling on public transport and people sat next to me, I felt they were invading my space.

Generally I felt extreme emotional sensitivity and the tiniest things triggered even greater feelings of worthlessness, despite spiritually knowing differently and intellectually arguing a case for myself, I just couldn’t seem to help feeling the way I did, just completely unable to find the will to even try and transcend my ‘miserable state.’ I felt people wouldn’t really think much of me if they knew how useless I was.
Monday evening before my Wednesday appointment a white lump came up on my lower eyelid (left). It didn’t hurt, I was just aware of it and naturally looked in the mirror; it wasn’t a sty (no real discomfort or general inflammation). It didn’t seem to be a spot it was just ‘there.’ I bathed it before going to bed with some very hot water on some cotton wool, which didn’t appear to do anything at all, it was still just ‘there.’

On waking Tuesday morning the white (opaque) lump about this (o) size had disappeared leaving just a red mark where it had been. There was absolutely no evidence of any discharge from it even.

After taking Pearl 30 soon after my consultation, this all pervading feeling I had had for a few days lifted considerably — quite quickly, and within hours I was feeling averagely normal again. The following day (today) Thursday 27 March I’ve had another Pearl 30 and am maintaining the improvement and feel fairly OK. One more Pearl 30 to go tomorrow!!

During proving circle (22.3.97):- I felt as though I was hit from the left towards the right side.

Felt twitching/jerking sensations in my body. Felt very sleepy.

Burning sensation in my stomach moving outwards. I felt very self-conscious as if being watched.

I feel tired, feel that it would be lovely to be a pearl sleeping, curled up in the soft warm, fleshy bed of a mussel.

Thought that I would not come to the arranged dinner tonight, as I feel too tired.
Felt a soft prickly sensation on my right side of my dorsal spine, and prickles on the back of both shoulders and upper arms.

I saw a green square on closing my eyes.

I started thinking about star signs and how, because my moon is in cancer I try to hide my emotions.

I wonder if pearl will have much in common with Calc Carb. When it was my turn to succuss again, I tried to pick-up a test tube but hit my hand on the polythene wrapper. I hadn’t seen the wrapping half way across the box. This reminded me that Madeleine had come into work this morning saying that she had walked into a glass door that she hadn’t seen, and bruised her nose.

Tired heavy head — I want to sleep.

More warm sensations moving out from my tummy/solar plexus. Thought about yesterday when my cousin said that I had been my sister’s primary carer. I wasn’t comfortable with her saying this in front of my uncle as I felt protective of my mother (embarrassed for her).

I found a brown mark on one of my teeth a few days ago and it made me think that pearl would be a good remedy for teeth. Saw a cross shape in green ultra violet light.
My neck feels stiff — keep rolling it to loosen it.

After proving circle (23.3.97):- I took one dose of Pearl 16 last night and the cold I had woken up with yesterday (sore throat, blocked nose and head) is much better. Didn’t develop into anything.
The word ‘noble’ kept coming to mind.

I had a dream on the morning of 23.4.97:- My sister, my partner and I were on holiday in Scotland I think — lots of mountains and lakes. My partner and I were boarding in separate places and my sister had borrowed our tent and was camping. I was worried that in the damp weather she might get wet and uncomfortable. Later we went swimming in the sea. A very big wave washed over us, and I was arched back and holding my sister against my chest and pushing her upwards in the hope that she would get some air, as the water was going to be over us for a long while. My sister is younger than me, but in the dream she is very little and I’m feeling protective of her.

I had three further dreams during the week following the proving:-
• In one I was talking to a close friend about something she had done years ago that still hurts me. I would be too embarrassed to air it again in real life.
• In another dream I spoke to my mother about past hurts, difficulty in relating and my mother listened and talked. She did not get defensive or aggressive and I was able to express things I have not been able to do in real life.
• In the third dream, I was talking to a group of friends about feeling excluded and unfairly treated. In reality I have not felt able to air my feelings clearly as I have felt that the friends expect me to deal with the situation and to get over it.

About a week after taking the remedy I was hit on the chin with an elastic cord on the carrier of my bicycle. The hard plastic bit hit me and has left a small hard pearl shape under the skin where the bruise had been At the time of the trituration process of the pearl I had been reading ‘The Joy Luck Club’ by Amy Tan. After the proving I realised how appropriate some bits of the book were to the proving. The book is about generations of Chinese women who had moved from China to America. When I photostatted the 2 relevant chapters 1 realised that both chapters related to the same woman; An-Mel Hsu — reinforcing the pearl theme/experience, threading through her life.

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