Cypraea eglantina

cypraea-eglantinaЦарство: животные. Тип: Моллюски. Класс: Брюхоногие. Подкласс: Настоящие улитки. Род: Ципреи. Каури. Содержит около 200 видов. Раковины длиной от 5 до 150 мм. Спиральная форма слабо выражена или отсутствует. Имеется одна большая полость с узким щелевидным устьем.

Темы прувинга Anne Schadde
Устье раковины обычно покрыто выраженными зубчатыми выростами. Дополнительная защита от хищников. Ночные. Прячутся в темных отверстиях, среди коралловых ветвей. Питаются живыми губками, глубоко вставляя в них свой длинный хоботок. Чтобы достать до мягкого тела внутри. Быстро втягивает свой внешний покров и обнажает внутренний (твердая раковина другого цвета), тем самым меняет свой внешний вид. Рыбы и другие моллюски, как конусы, охотятся на них.

Незащищенность, быть в одиночестве, изолированный, уязвимость, обнаженность, Меня кто-то преследует. Спрятаться. Избегание контакта. Прикосновение. закрытый, открытый, внутри, снаружи. Маска снаружи, скрыться, быть самому по себе. Остаюсь при своем мнении. Не заземлен. Держаться на поверхности. Закрывает мою спину, чтобы быть уверенным, что за мной никого нет. Не связан, отделенный, одинокий, далекий. Жить в моем собственном мире. Твердый, мягкий, тошнит от мягкого. Не могу сопротивляется. Беззащитная. Позволяю другим завладеть ситуацией. Гиперчувствительный к звукам. Медлительность, оцепенение, в трансе, зябкость, замерзание.

Холод в ноге, Ледяной холод. Твердый, мягкий, парализован. Отверстие на верху моего тела. Твердеет. Необходимость близости, контактов. Кисель, желе. Незрелое, твердое. Я мягкая и не решительная. Не могу сопротивляться. Ухожу и закрываюсь. Колоть. Рвать. Гудение. На наркотиках. Легко пугаюсь. Деньги, финансы, богатство. Ощущение отверстия на животе. Высасывает из меня досуха. Желе, тело сделано из. Хочет спрятаться от всех. Скорость больше, чем у двустворчатых. Жить и двигаться. Попадают в вакуум. Ощущение большого пространства внутри меня. Рвать, электрические ощущения. Оковывает ледяной холод. Многолюдные места, ухудшение.

Для более глубокого понимания сущности гомеопатического препарата Cypraea eglantina предлагаю перевести с английского языка наблюдения и совпадения, которые проявились во время и после прувинга. Вознаграждением переводчику будет благодарность всех тех, кому поможет эта информация вернуть утраченное здоровье.

Hunger for attention/affection
The supervisors report: “The provers demand a great deal of attention. Since they don’t have a sense of time, they take everything; they basically consume others due to their complete self-centeredness. They express their ‘being different’ in a rather dramatic way.”

The provers experienced this differently, which led to varied reports:
For example, one supervisor notes in his diary: “I experienced her (the prover) today as huge, massive, crushing. She occupied three quarters of our school desk; spread herself out. She always touched me with her elbows, resulting in myself moving more and more towards my right side. She sat on her chair in a way that made her bend increasingly over to my side. She babbled incessantly. I finally had to stop her in order to be able to follow class. (So far she was much more reserved, less talkative and not so eager to get physically close.) She didn’t give me any space.” “The prover herself perceived the morning as ‘great’. She thought it was very funny when I indicated that I needed more space at the desk. She laughed so hard that she could barely calm down and said that she would feel rather cramped in if she had less space. In her dealings with other people she is less sensitive than she used to be.”

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Another supervisor writes: “The prover bombards me with bitter reproaches, saying that I don’t attend to her.” “She appears hard, bold, unapproachable, cold; her directness is without emotions. It doesn’t bother her that she offends other people with her boldness. She currently doesn’t possess the tactfulness that I am used to from her.” “It is not possible to create an emotional connection.” “Every impossible demand is harshly expressed.” “She gives the impression of a robot, without soul. I have to downright force myself to make contact with her.”

At the same time this prover reports that she has a “great want for closeness and affection”. The supervisors comment about that: “One can’t quite sense it, because she is so inaccessible.” “I am increasingly worried about her condition, because she is sounapproachable. Only during our conversations I get the impression that she returns to ‘our’ world for a brief moment.” “She is only physically present; her spirit and her soul are distant.” “I sense her attachment and neediness.” “She wants me to love her, but expects that I notice her needs – without her having to express them – and fulfill them as well.”

Another supervisor: “I am perceiving quickly intense, easily offended reactions – she feels misunderstood. Music causes varying reactions: sometimes sorrow, sometimes energy.” “I sense a distance caused by her (the prover). She initially responds with a ‘no’ if someone asks her something.”

And another supervisor says: “It is difficult to grasp that deep, inner space where the prover happens to be. On one hand I sense her expectation, her longing to be understood, on the other hand I am under the impression that she doesn’t want me to get close.”

During the follow-up discussion with the supervisors important themes were discovered, but expressed in different ways: “The provers suck us dry, they complain constantly about being alone.”

“The need an unbelievable amount of attention, they are very attached and want physical contact, but they send the message ‘don’t touch me’. That is why they feel misunderstood by everyone.”

“They are very helpless, appear to be frozen.”

“They are out of it, completely unapproachable, appear disconnected from reality, distant, without emotions, hard and demanding.”

“One gets the distinct impression having to enter a vacuum.”“Even though they talk about their condition, emotions are missing and it is difficult to get into their groove.”
“They boldly criticize others and feel good about it.”

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Report of a supervisor: “The supervision is exhausting, wears me out; it is the image of a child in puberty”

Another supervisor: “My impression is that the prover does not want to leave this state. She enjoys being the center of attention; it is the picture of hysteria “female narcissism”.


But also developments were initiated (see dream #213). Prover 12 says: “I felt the sensation of something settling down, as a form of relaxation in the lower abdomen. At the same time there was a round feeling in the abdomen, a feeling comparable to deep and relaxed breathing.” In the course of the self experiment, this prover went through the greatest changes. She turned from a girl into an attractive young woman (within a few weeks): more feminine, lively, mature: “I am losing my baby fat” and “Now, I stand by my own womanhood wholeheartedly.” She lost 17 pounds: “I enjoy my body, I feel light and want to jump and hop around. For the first time in my life I feel that this truly is my body, and it feels good, very good.”

The supervisor comments: “Every day my amazement about the prover increases.
Since she took the proving substance, her development has grown quickly and in huge steps. Usually this would require far more time.” “On the outside, a remarkable change has taken place: she colored her hair, dressed up in orange/black (before she wore only jeans and t-shirts).” “She has made an important move towards greater personal freedom. She is more feminine, lively and mature.” (See also dream # 213)After the proving substance was revealed another prover said: “Cowrie certainly didn’t cause anything that hadn’t been there before, but it changed my life entirely. I believe that I found myself with all my weaknesses and strengths.”

Appearance plays an important part: Just like the prover mentioned above, another supervisor reports about another prover: The prover colored her hair orange. Another one says: she painted her nails dark red … long nails.

The provers, who felt bad, declared solidarity with each other. They considered all people who were not part of the proving as ‘outsiders’, and were not able to interact with them. They have the feeling as if the outside world was not able to understand their state of being.

The constant misunderstanding created tension within the class. One student is turned into the scapegoat, because he supposedly enriched himself. The issue is ‘money’; it is about financial balance!!

“I paid too much and got too little for it.” One supervisor describes it as follows: “There is something ‘innocent’: one is innocent and subsequently declared guilty”.

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Marginal observations
The literature coffee shop “ExLibris” had great difficulties estimating the meals because sometimes the provers ate a lot and sometimes nothing.
During the homeopathic remedy proving there was a blockage of communication with the feeling of being paralyzed, unable to act ormake decisions. This created the feeling of isolation or being cornered, of helplessness and being powerless at the mercy of something terrible. During the time of this homeopathic remedy proving a special exhibition took place at the museum “Humanity and Nature” at the Nymphenburg Castle.

It was titled: “At a premium rate – mussel/snail money and other archaic currencies – Do you want Euros or Cowries?” (Synchronicity?)

During the homeopathic remedy proving a lot of pathos was put into:
writing poems…

…summaries of provers
“It reaches directly for the soul, very deep, the search for the self.”

“Permanent want for similar soul vibration without many words.”

“On one hand, taking the substance intensified my perception of myself and others, on the other hand, I didn’t get anything anymore – just like in a trance.”

“On one side over-sensitivity, sensibility, tenderness, emotion, romance, love and on the other side hardness, emotional coldness, dullness, cruelty, desire to kill, persecute, rape, guilt”

“As if wrapped in cotton, stare into a void, everything is strange”

“Retreat, helplessness, indecisiveness”

“Shock, scare, panic, mortal terror with escape into another reality that is either dull or crazy or a romantic illusion like from a drug. It is as if I had died and am forced to live on even though I am dead. Great theme of guilt, thoughts of: India, gypsies, persecution, banishment, etc.”

“The remedy moves into a depth, the unconscious, generations, the cosmic, into the deepest emotional levels, into worlds that cannot be described with words. There is a feeling like being in the past century; the feeling of something very tender, beautiful, lovely, full of emotion, heights and depths, something childlike is destroyed,
very violent. Death is perceived as salvation.”

“I dreamed that I got an Indian aphrodisiac as the proving substance. Love that can end with death, like in Romeo and Juliet. Tragedy and panic are the other face of the substance. Images of guilt and atonement.”“Thoughts of death with melancholy and, then, escape into the ‘intact-world’; longing with sadness; sexuality turned into cosmic union.”

“Escape into dreams of longing, even when connected to death; longing for something out of reach, perfect – reality is too harsh.”

“Feeling as if on drugs (for example cannabis); manic – megalomania – playful life.”

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