Organon §229


On the other hand, the following behaviors are entirely out of place: contradiction, eager agreements, violent reprimands and vituperations, as well as weak, timid compliance. These are equally detrimental treatments for the spirit and the emotional mind of such patients. Above all, these patients are embittered, and their disease is worsened, through scorn, deceit and noticeable deceptions. The physician and attendants must always appear as if they credit such patients with reason.

All external disturbances to the senses and emotions should be removed.

On the contrary, one should seek to remove all kinds of external disturbances to their senses and emotions. There are no entertainments for their befogged spirit, no beneficent diversions, no advice, no soothing words, books or objects for their indignant soul languishing in the fetters of a sick body. There is no refreshment for them except cure. Only when the tunement of their bodily condition is altered towards improvement do quiet and comfort radiate back once more upon their spirit. 194


194 The treatment of insane, raging and melancholic patients can only be accomplished in a specifically arranged institute, not in the patient’s family circle.


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