Organon §16

Disease only occurs and can only be cured through dynamic impingement upon the life force.

Our life force, as spirit-like dynamis, cannot be seized and affected by damaging impingements on the healthy organism (through inimical potences from the external world that disturb the harmonious play of life) other than in a spirit-like, dynamic way. In like manner, the only way the medical-art practitioner can remove such morbid mistunements (the diseases) from the dynamis is by the spirit-like (dynamic, 66 virtual) tunement-altering energies of the serviceable medicines acting upon our spirit-like life force. These energies are perceived through the ubiquitous feeling-sense of the nerves in the organism. Accordingly, curative medicines can reestablish health and life’s harmony only through dynamic action on the life principle. The curative medicines reestablish health after the alterations in the patient’s condition that are noticeable to our senses (i.e. , the symptom-complex) have portrayed the disease to the attentively observing and investigating medical-art practitioner as completely as is necessary for the cure of the disease.

Rau writes,”Where experience had taught us to know the curative power of homeopathically acting medicines, whose action could not be explained, one resorted to declaring them specific, thereby lulling further cogitation to sleep with this vacuous expression. The homogenic stimulants, the specific (homeopathic) ones, however, had long since been forbidden as highly damaging influences.” (Rau, Ueb. d. homöop. Heilverf [About the Homeopathic Curative Process], Heidelberg, 1824, pp. 101-102)