Natrium muriaticum — коллатеральные препараты

Acon (Fear of air raids), Agar (Child late in learning to talk - Calc, Phos, scrofulous affections of children, symptoms worse sea side, goitre), Aqu-m (Identical symptoms), Alum (Gougerot Sjoegren syndrome, also Nat-m; dryness of mucous membranes, also Bry), Arn (Eruptions symmetrical), Ars (Wet skin - Dulc, Rhus-t, Sars, Ars refuses consolation - Nat-m agg. from consolation), Ars-i (Hypothyroidism), Aur (Sensitive to criticism, depression in old people - Kali-p, Sel), Bry (Cough worse on entering in waim room - Hed, Nat-c), Calc (Soft nails, especially in children - Nat-m, women unable to conceive - Nat-m, Sulph), Calc-p (Primary amenorrhoea-Lyc), Care, Cans! (Incontinence of urine while coughing, sneezing - Puis, Kali-c), Ceph (Diabetes-Abrom), Chin-a (Malarial attack subsequent to Nat-m given for suppressed malaria), CImic (Misplaced affections), Cund, Gels (Malaria where chill begins in extremities in recent cases - Nat-m: chronic cases, 10:00 a.m. agg. - Sep), Glyc (Diabetes, its use must be preceded by administration of constitutional remedy e g. Nat-m, and should be helped by the drainage remedy as Syzg), Graph, Hed (Worse in early morning - Aig-n, lod, Kali-c, Lach, Nux-v), Hell (Insensibility and stupefaction agg by consolation), Ign, Infl (Grippe - Eup- per), !od(Emaciation inspite of good appetite — Abrot, Sul- I), Kali-c (Reaction remedy in mineral and water equilibrium disorders-Calc, Nat-m, startles from unexpected noise Bor, amenorrhoea in young girls, retarded puberty), Lach, Lyc (Thin scrawny appearance about neck but below the waist well covered), Magnesium-saits (Sea side agg - lod), Mur-ac (Has to wait a long while for urine to pass if others are present - Hep), Nat-c (Worse in spring Lach), Nit-ac (Cracking in ears when chewing, ulcers on outlets where mucous membranes and skin meet - (Uaph), Nux-v, Plb, Phos (Cataract in diabetics; also hypouiycaemia, desire for salt; hepatic cough, vascular complications in diabetics, ground remedy, also Calc-p, Apol. remedies - Ars, Ferr, lod, Kali-c, Nat-m), Ph-ac (Diabetes with profound weakness and impaired memory), Prot, PULS (Profuse secretions from mucous membranes - Sep), Salm (Chronic enlargement of glands especially cervical, patients of strumous diathesis, goitre), Sanic (Emaciation of upper parts of body inspite of good appetite), Sars (Pain which depresses the patient so much, emaciation especially of neck), SEP (Cracks at the corners of the mouth - Nat-m. deep crack in centre of the lower lip, averse to men and coitus; painful coitus; scanty and delayed menses, backache relieved by some firm support under back), Sil (Sore throat, inveterate; slender children - lod, Nat-s), Tub-s (Corresponding nosodoe), Squii, Staph, Strep! (Weepy, consolation agg.), Sulph (Urticaria chronic - Lyc), Тагах (Geographical tongue - Ars, Kali-bi, Mag-salts), Sul-i (Juvenile diabetes in emaciated; hyperthyroidism, weakness in immunological response - Bar-c, Calc, Sil, Thuj), Tub (Proteinuria orthostatic - Ars-i, Calc-p, Puis, Sil, Sul-i), Tub-s (Corresponding nosode), Zin