Natrium muriaticum (nat-m)

- EMOTIONAL VULNERABILITY leading to INTROVERSION. Closed person (amel. alcohol).
- Intolerant of any form of grief, rejection, ridicule or humiliation. - Avoid being hurt or to hurt others at all costs.
- Tries not to show emotions; to maintain control over their circumstances. Fastidious.
- Turn to emotionally safe activities, e.g. reading, music.
- Great sense of responsibility. Integrity. People confide in them.
- Loyal in realationships (Staph).
- Self-contained. Serious. Objective.
- Can appear cold, at a distance.
- Aversion to company. Consolation agg..
- Hysterical tendency when emotions can't be controlled anymore.
- Laughs over serious matters. Giggling changing in to hysterical weeping. Uncontrolled, hysterical
sobbing with shaking, spasms, twitchings.
- Changeable moods.
- fantasizes about relationships. Falling in love with unattainable persons.
- Emotionally strongly attached, but does not show it.
- Depression, even suicidal. Sad but cannot weep.
- Dwells on past disagreable occurances.
- Biting fingernails.
- Sensitive to music.
- Fear robbers, claustrophobia, heigths, insects. Hypochondriasis.
- Fixed ideas, 'good or bad'.
- Last stage: Lost control, obscene, shameless.
- CHILDREN: Well-behaved. Responsible.
Sensitive to disharmony (e.g. quarrels).
Need for affection, though not always showed.
Tantrums when reprimanded, agg. consolation.
Mature beyond his years.
Slow learning to talk.
- Mainly warm (can be chilly).
- agg. SUN, heat.
- agg. or amel. Sea.
- agg. Noise.
- agg. 10 a.m.
- Periodicity.
- Discharges like white of egg.
- Stitching pains.
- History of malaria (Chin).
- Multiple sclerosis.
Food and drinks
- Desire: SALT, fish, sour (lemon), bitter, beer.
- Aversion: FAT, SLIMY FOOD, CHICKEN, fish, bread.
- Tendency to fall to the left.
- agg. Pregnancy, tea. amel. Cold applications.

- HEADACHE, "like little hammers beating".
agg. 10:00 A.M. (TO 3 P.M. ),
GRIEF, SUN, on waking, light, noise, reading, menses,
amel. Lying dark and quiet room, perspiration,
cold application, pressure.
In schoolgirls (Calc-p, Puls).
Precede by numbness, tingling in lips, tongue and nose.
- Eruptions at margin of hair. Alopecia.
- Falling of hair, agg. temples, whiskers.
- Lachrymation agg. wind, on coughing, reading.
- Horizontal line dividing lower lid in two, in hysterical children (Asaf, Ign, Lil-t, Mosch).
- Bruised and stiff sensation, agg. reading, exerting vision. Weak eye muscles (Ruta).
- Letters run together. Images retained too long (Lac-c).
- Hayfever. Coryza "like white of egg". Sneezing.
- One-sided numbness.
- Neuralgia, agg. left side.
- HERPETIC ERUPTIONS, esp. about lips (Rhus-t, Sep).
- Cracked lips, corners of mouth.
- Apthae (Bor).
- Affections of thyroid. Goitre.
- Sensation of a lump.
- Stitching pains (Arg-n, Hep, Sil).
- Emaciation of neck (Lyc).
- Thirsty for cold drinks (Phos, Sulph).
- Gastritis, ulcers, agg. from grief, quarrels.
- Constipation.
- Unable to urinate in presence of others.
- Involuntary urination, agg. on coughing, laughing, sneezing, walking.
Male genitalia
- Falling of pubic hair.
Female genitalia
- Averse to sex. Painful coition. DRYNESS OF VAGINA (Sep).
- Sterility.
- Falling of pubic hair.
- Leucorrhea.
- Bearing down, agg. morning.
- Asthmatic, agg. between 5 and 7 p.m.
- Sighing.
- Palpitations, agg. night, lying left side, noise.
- Lumbago, amel. hard pressure, lying on hard surface (Sep).
- Skin of fingers cracked, esp. about nails; peeling off of tips.
- Hangnails. Biting nails.
- Trembling of hands, agg. writing, amel. rubbing.
- Painful corns.
- Late learning to walk, in children.
- Position: ON LEFT SIDE.
- Insomnia from grief or thoughts of past disagreable occurances.
- Of thieves, cannot go to sleep again untill house has been searched.
- Greasy.
- Eruptions agg. sea, salt. Hives after violent exercise.
Eczema. Psoriasis. Ringworm.
Apis, Arg-n, Bry, Caps, Eup-per, Ign, Kali-c, Lyc, Sep, Tub.
Aur, Bor, Caust, Chin, Ign, Nat-c, Nat-s, Sep.

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