[Uran] May 2007 M. Suijs, MD

Uranium is found on the sixth place of the Uranium-range in periodic system. The metal is radioactive, the substance is to be mould. The name of the metal is deduced from the planet Uranus.

The influence of Uranus in the astrology is comparable with both: the radio-activity and the kneadability of the metal: Uranus expresses the need to break through borders and to restore the contact on a new level of equality. In the astrology there is a relationship between Uranus and Zincum.

To communicate, to listen
Wisdom, reflection
To observe, to perceive
Overview, transparency
Sensitivity, sympathy, compassion
Universal truth
Old age
Magic, Shamanism

Stage 6

Archetype: the testifier, the joker, the clown, the lightning conductor

To communicate, to listen
They take the challenge to communicate, seeking for words exploring about opinions where they differ and where the agreement is. They listen, analyse, recapitulate and show without judgement the different points of view that are to be discussed and let other people talk. In emotional cases as well they are able to communicate and they don’t lose the thread of the story.

Wisdom, reflection
They show wisdom in the way they participate in the story of others. They lead the other into the core inquiring the feelings belonging to the situation they tell about. They reflect and by giving examples they try to understand the specific feelings of the person who is telling the story, trying to show him the logic of that feeling.

To observe, to perceive
Situations are experienced from the position of an arbitrator. They try to explain both sides of an argument. A child may experience the teasing of other children like this. He tries to guide this behaviour, but encounters resistance, because his interference wasn’t asked for, and he ends up in an impossible situation. It’s also possible that the child doesn’t interfere, but feels unhappy about this (Uranium Oxydatum).

Overview, transparency
They know: man is the only living creature that is able to know about his emotions and the underlying motives of his behaviour. They have the overview as if they look through it. The knowledge they have is used to analyse what is going on and to discuss this analysis for a cheque up. The way they seek for the motivation of behaviour is contemplative but sharp, that is why they leave the subject to let it be and later on they return to it.

Sensibility Sympathy Compassion
This differs from the sympathy of Phosphorus. An example a boy, 4 years old, climes out of his bed at night, comes to his worried mother to give her a kiss, and returns to sleep himself. They show affection, they show their feelings but they don’t indulge. This is the difference between pity and compassion.

Universal truth
They are devoted to general interest. Taking the risk of the consequences they go for it, expecting and hoping others will follow. In the same way they cross the opinion of people when they feel it is against general interest, no matter it will leave them alone.

Old age
The following qualities are assigned to older people: in a tribe the older ones give advise to the head of the clan: men as well as women. The role of adviser suits the old age. When there is a need to rearrange the advice of older and wiser people is of value. Striking is that children who need Uranium love to hang around older people and learn of their knowledge and insight. Older people have time to talk, to listen, to tell and to read.

Uranium as a homeopathic remedy exists in several forms: Uranium metallicum, Uranium aceticum, Uranium Arsenicicum, Uranium muriaticum, Uranium nitricum and Uranium oxydatum.
These forms show, apart from the state of Uranium, some of the state of the other part. The muriatic form has the need to be cherished and it also has something pitiful: a goalkeeper of a soccerteam said: «When I let pass a ball, I can cry». The Nitric form suits the sensitivity of the harmed ego: Frustration is shown. The Oxidative form suits the sensitivity about being used or misused and the indignation about this.

Dreams: Being a spectator or being clairvoyant in your own dream, having an nearly-dead experience.
Delusions Tantric experiences.
Mood Generous and sympathetic, sad, lonely.
Appearance Slim

Cancer, leukaemia, Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin disease, epithelioma, diabetes, abscesses in abdomen, abscesses of lymphenodes, Morbus Pfeiffer.
Eyes: Oedematous swelling around the eyes. Inflammation of the eyelids.
Ears: Inflammation of the external ear as well as the tympanum.
Face: Acne, isolated boils in the face.
Throat: Mucus in the throat.
Stomach: Ulcus of the stomach or the duodenum with pain ameliorated by eating.
Stomachbleeding. Sudden vomiting, persistent vomiting, which causes dehydration. Retching. Eructation. The appetite can be enormous or wanting.
Abdomen: Pain in the hypochondria, distended hypochondria. Inflammation, peritonitis, enteritis.
Urine: Inflammation of the bladder, Inflammation of the kidneys. Pain in the kidneyregion. Frequent urination, urine smells sweetish or like fish.
Chest: Bronchitis with copious expectoration, dropsy, inflammation bronchial tube.
Extremities: Itching, burning, white vesicles with red areola.
General: Emaciation with good appetite, oedematous swelling of the total body.

DD. Apis, Acidum Phosforicum, Phosforus, Sulphur, Lycopodium, Arsenicum, Granitum.

A girl of 9 years visits the clinic because of the complaint paroxysmal vomiting. This happens every 6 weeks from the age of 3. The start is always suddenly. She vomits day and night. She has violent abdominal pain. In spite of vomiting the appetite is well. During each attack she loses to much fluid and is hospitalised.

At the age of 2 years old their house burned down, while she accompanied her mother to the market. Father and her younger sister were at home. They had to live temporarily elsewhere in that time: there she had difficulty to sleep.
In the following year her mother had a miscarriage and afterwards she was unstable for a period.
In that very year their dog died. She herself had some accidents during that time: from example she fell of the staircase. In this period the attacks have started.

She is a careful child, she has the expression of a grown-up. Striking about her is the quiet expression. She does not have the naivety of a child. She is not anxious and she brings her mother at ease. In that time a child in another city in Holland was kidnapped: it was in the newspaper. She recognised the mood of her mother about this message in the newspaper. Her solution to bring her mother to ease is reporting from time to time about the situation while she is playing in the streets. She doesn’t dictate her younger brother and sister, but she explains the babysitter about the household rules. She seldom is angry.

While playing in the streets one of the girls is very dominant and she is disturbing. The mother of that girl intervenes. This she doesn’t like at all, but she doesn’t comment.
She has a restless sleep and dreams about witches.

The remedy she gets is Uranium Metallicum MK because of the strange complaint, her wise expression her lack of fear.
6 Weeks later she is doing well, she didn’t have an aggravation. She indicates more clearly what she doesn’t like. She is still fatigue and has headache. The remedy is repeated.
Afterwards she is OK

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