Themes of Plutonium nitricum By Jeremy Sherr


Since the proving of Plutonium Nitricum we have witnessed quite a few cases cured by this remedy. Common to many of these are the intensity and depth at the core of the case. It seems that other remedies could not touch the deep nucleus of the generative energy, the will, which Plutonium detonates.

The inner essence of Plutonium must forever remain hidden in the deep, but these cases have enabled us to fuse new clinical observations with proving themes. By carefully gathering and transmitting this information from generation to generation, a full picture will emerge.

I must stress that the following ideas represent only certain aspects of the proving. Neither is it necessary for any of these ideas to appear in every specific case-they may be partially present or not at all.

During the proving some provers felt light and elated, even spacey, as if a great burden had been lifted of their shoulders. This enabled a relaxed calmness with an ease of being, cheerfulness and laughing.

On the other hand provers felt incredibly heavy and weighed down. Depressions that were often described as 'deep' or 'heavy', originating from the very core of being. This was sometimes accompanied by a withdrawn feeling and aversion to communication. The extreme of this state is a sense of deep isolation with intense despair, as if totally alone in the world. With these polarities it is obvious that the remedy may be of use in certain manic depressive cases.

We may deduce that the tension in Plutonium nitricum is on the vertical axis, with the lower heavy side being pulled downwards and the light top side floating up. This idea is confirmed in a diversity of ways. A few provers had a sensation of the soul leaving the body (often upwards and to the left). Others had a sense of elongation, of being very tall, also dreams of extremely tall, thin people.

One prover felt the sensation of a cavity in his chest with vibrations moving upwards and downwards and eventually exiting through the vertex and rectum, respectively. We may compare this elongation of Plutonium to the radioactive mushroom resulting from an atomic explosion and rising 50,000 feet above the ground.

This theme of heaviness and lightness also features in the proving of Helium, an element which Plutonium discharges as alpha radiation. There are several other similarities between the remedies Helium, Hydrogen and Plutonium-as if the head of the periodic table meets its own tail. They share a sensation of leaving the body, spaciness, lightness and elation combined with the opposing heaviness and isolation. Some Plutonium patients spoke with the deep voice of Plutonium, while others voiced the higher tones of Helium.

This vertical dichotomy is given further expression through dreams. The prover dreamt of a woman sitting high up in a tree, while far below an aggressive man searched for her. Another prover dreamt many peculiar dreams, always recurring twice in the same night, but from two different vantage points. The first dream was experienced by an observer looking from above, while the second was dreamt from down below as a participant.

In one dream the prover, observing from above, saw a bank robbery followed by a police chase. Later that night a similar dream occurred, but this time the dreamer was the bank robber, who, having previously observed the scene, knew the best route of escape. Therefore, alongside the elongation theme, there are aspects of a split between higher and lower aspects of ourselves and our ability to learn from past experience.

This low, deep and heavy aspect expressed in Plutonium seems to relate to our most primal nature. Anger with a tendency to quarrel. Dreams of warriors fighting or of aboriginal people throwing homeopathic kidney stones and spears at each other. Dreams and sensations of being a primitive Neanderthal man hunting with a dog. Plutonium delves deep into the centre of our being, where our most primitive instincts of survival lie buried. These instincts fuel our claim for land and territory, as well as the connection through history to hereditary roots.

As the ancient god of the underworld, Pluto rules mercilessly over the imprisoned souls of the dead. This myth symbolises our connection to ancestral roots, genetic lineage and archaeological history. A central theme of Plutonium is a deep feeling of suffering originating from one's forefathers, like a punishment echoing down through the generations. Just as the half life of plutonium is almost 25,000 years, so the roots of our suffering may stretch far into the past.

In a similar way the consequences of our actions will effect many future generations. The hundreds of tons of plutonium that have been manufactured over the last decades will poison the earth for the next quarter of a million years. Thus, plutonium will radiate our genetic lineage through history, affecting our core, our marrow, our DNA. The same primitive person who once threw a rock at a neighbour is now hurling atomic weapons of mass destruction across the border.

A graphic visual image of this idea is in Stanley Kubric's film '2001', which opens with a group of apes fighting each other, then cuts to a space ship hurdling into the depth of space and carrying nuclear cargo. The external form has changed but our inner nucleus remains the same. Can we learn from past mistakes? Can we rise above old instincts before our world is destroyed? Can we leave a habitable planet for future generations?

Yet the source of this violent and destructive energy is also the root of our survival. The seventh radioactive period represents the core that energises our beings. It is this power source, will, basic instinct or cell nuclei, which generates the force to create and propagate. Like bubbling bone marrow which churns out red blood cells of life, natural underground power plants energise our existence.

The ability to use this core energy creatively depends on two factors: integration with all levels of being and slow release. When chakras revolve harmoniously, root energy can ascend to power us toward the higher purpose of our existence. When the radioactive power sources split from the helium of our soul, there is no channel connecting heaven and earth. This results in compressed nuclear violence, which some Plutonium patients have described as intense enough to destroy the world.

Like the raw energy of radioactive elements, this confined force should percolate to the surface slowly, naturally and gently from its habitat in the depth of marrow earth. When dragged incongruously to the surface it becomes dangerous and must be controlled. Some cured Plutonium patients were powerful individuals who had to suppress their deep and vital inner core due to fear of unleashing incredibly destructive violence.

This suppression resulted in frightful black depressions or deep and enormous rage. We should remember that the remedy is Plutonium nitricum, and that nitric usually tends to limit and restrict the ions it associates with. The tremendous explosive power of plutonium is limited by the restrictive boundaries of nitrogen.

Violence and the association with blood and marrow are reflected in the Plutonium desire for red meat, liver, bacon and blood. Some provers had delusions of vampire bats, creatures that thrive on blood and live upside down in the underworld.

Naturally the power of the remedy manifests on the sexual level, the generative sphere of our existence. Powerful sexual urges, images of enormous phalluses and dreams of sexual abuse highlight the explosive energies of unbridled testosterone. This aggressive and base sexuality is coupled with aversion to 'new age men' or cultured people such as art dealers -middle men who do not generate or create.

On the other hand a tendency towards effeminate men or masculine women was increased. Radioactive remedies may possibly be indicated in the AIDS pandemic. In an HIV patient, Plutonium nitricum has cured persistent anal warts and increased the white blood cell production.

Pluto was the ancient god of material wealth, the source of crop growth and world economy. Yet, this power is extremely dangerous and will scorch if prematurely unleashed. Since 1945 we have lived in this radioactive world, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Deeper and deeper we dig, violently excavating elements of our being that until now have been left buried in the deep.

PLatinum moves to PLumbum, PLUmbum to PLUtonium. The boys took their new chemistry set down to the basement, 94 bottles of cheerfully coloured chemicals waiting for a wizard. Too late, Pandora, too late! The box is open, your secret is out. Chronos lies dead at Hiroshima, his Kingdom split for all time. Radioactive corporations power governments of media-ocracy, fuelling the cancerous economics of a Mickey Mouse medicine.

Shamans market secret potions while ancient occult traditions expose hidden codes on TV. Enigmatic genetic puzzles are cracked and engineered to statistically useful norms of insane sameness. Nations fuse to supernations as decaying empires emit tribal particles. X-rays probe the depth of our psychic mysteries in plastic magazines, ripping deep unconscious veils of mystery to expose hidden planetary aspects. Soft micro soap operas expose the roots of our souls to digital audiences.

Particle accelerators kiss the speed of light, corporate genetic food engineers generate leukaemic nuclear bunkers in our children's marrow. Tcell warheads threaten genetic bundles of decoded viral information in mutual mutating deterrence. Across the fence at the common, savage peacekeeping men glare peaceful warrior women as the drip drip drip of toxic radiation seeps the underworld. Deep below in Hades, shades of the dead scream the message down the generations. Too late, Pandora! Too late! Your Plutonic Pandemic will power the earth long after our solar-fueled fossils obscure the sun.

Printed with permission of Jeremy Sherr from The Homoeopathic Proving of Plutonium Nitricum Dynamis Books, 1999.