Success of homeopathic treatment §230

Homeopathic treatment can produce rapid and striking results in cases of mental and emotional disease. 

In cases of mental or emotional disease (which are incredibly various), if the selected remedy for a particular case is entirely appropriate for the truly sketched image of the disease state, then the smallest possible doses are often sufficient to produce the most striking improvement, which is often quite rapid. This is never achieved by medicating the patient to death with huge, frequent doses of all other unsuitable (allopathic) medicines. The unflagging search for the most fitting homeopathic remedy is more easily achieved (if enough medicines of this kind, known according to their pure actions, are available for selection) because the mental and emotional state of such a patient, which is the main symptom, comes to light with unmistakable distinctness. I can assert from much experience that the sublime advantage of the homeopathic medical art over all other conceivable methods of treatment is nowhere displayed in a more triumphant light than in old mental and emotional diseases that originally arose from somatic sufferings or even arose simultaneously with them.