Preparation of potentized medicines directly from fresh plants §271

If the physician prepares his homeopathic medicines himself, as he should always do to rescue humanity from diseases, 227 he may use the fresh plant itself since only a little of the crude material is required. This method can be used if the physician does not need the expressed juice [§267] for some other curative purpose.

1. Mix a couple of grains of the plant in a mortar with one third of 100 grains of milk sugar.

2. Bring the mixture to the one millionth trituration in three distinct steps (§270).

The substance can then be further potentized by means of succussion. This procedure is also to be observed with the remaining medicinal substances of either a dry or oily nature [fn267b].


227 Physicians should prepare their own medicines until that day when the government (having attained insight as to the indispensability of perfectly prepared homeopathic medicines) has them manufactured by a capable, impartial person so that they may be given, free of charge, to homeopathic physicians of the land who are versed in cure, who have been trained in homeopathic hospitals, proven in both theory and practice, and thus certified. In this way, the physician will not only be assured of the intrinsic superior quality of these divine curative implements, he will also be able to give them free to his patients, rich and poor.


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