Organon §93

Investigate events that caused or occasioned the disease.

If the disease has been caused by a remarkable event-either recently or, in the case of a protracted malady, some time ago-the patient (or at least his relations, when questioned privately) will then readily declare it, either of his (or their) own accord or upon cautious inquiry. 146


146 Through astutely phrased questions or other private inquiries, the physician must seek to trace the possible dishonoring occasions of diseases which the patient or his relations do not readily confess, at least not of their own free will. To these belong: poisoning or attempted suicide; onanism; debaucheries of common or unnatural lust; overindulgence in wine, liquor, punch or other heating drinks, tea, or coffee; gluttony in general or with particular detrimental foods; infection with a venereal disease or with the itch diathesis; unhappy love; jealousy; domestic discord; vexation; grief over family misfortune; abuses; dogged revenge; offended pride; financial problems; superstitious fear; hunger; or perhaps bodily infirmity in the private parts (e.g. , a hernia, a prolapse), etc.

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