Organon §282

Homeopathic aggravation produced by the first LM doses indicates that these doses were too large.

If the first doses of a treatment, especially of a case of chronic disease, already bring forth a so-called homeopathic aggravation (i.e. , a noticeable heightening of the original disease symptoms that were investigated at first) despite each repeated dose being somewhat modified (more highly dynamized) by succussion prior to ingestion (§247), then it is a sure sign that these doses were all-too-large. 232


232 There is a notable exception to the rule of beginning the homeopathic treatment of chronic diseases with the smallest possible doses and only very gradually increasing them. This exception applies to the three great miasms while they are still blooming on the skin; that is, the recently erupted itch diathesis, the undisturbed residual chancre (on the genitalia, the labia, the lips of the mouth, etc.) and figwarts. These blooming miasms not only tolerate but they require immediately, at the beginning, large doses of their specific remedy. They require their specific remedy in higher and higher degrees of dynamization ingested daily, or perhaps even several times a day. In treating these diseases in this way, one need not fear (as one must with diseases that are hidden in the interior) that the all-too-large dose, while extinguishing the disease, could engender (due to its being too large) the beginning of a medicinal disease, and with continued use, a chronic medicinal disease. In these cases where the blossoms of the three miasms are lying there openly, one can visibly perceive, in the daily progress towards cure, how much of the feeling of these diseases has been daily withdrawn from the life principle by the large dose. None of these three miasmatic diseases can go over into cure without the disappearance of their primary symptom; therefore the disappearance of these symptoms indicates to the physician that no more medicine is needed.

Since, in general, diseases are only dynamic infringements upon the life principle, with nothing material lying at their base, no materia peccans (a fable under which the old school in its delusion has been operating for millennia, to the ruin of its patients), there is then, in these disease cases, nothing material to take away, rub away, burn away, cut away or tie off without making the patient endlessly sicker and more incurable for the rest of his life than he was with the untouched blossom of these three great miasms (see The Chronic Diseases, vol. I).

What is essential about these outer signs of the internal virulent miasms is the dynamic enmity perpetrated upon the life principle. It is only possible to extinguish these miasms by impinging on the life principle with a homeopathic medicine that affects it in a similar way but more strongly. The feeling of the inner and outer spirit-like disease enemy is thus withdrawn in such a manner that it exists no more for the life principle, for the organism. The patient is thereby freed from the malady; he is released, cured. Experience teaches that the itch diathesis, together with its eruption, and the inner venereal [syphilitic] miasm with its chancre, can and must be cured only by means of the specific medicine, taken internally. Figwarts, however, when they have remained untreated for a long time, must be treated with the external application of their specific medicine at the same time as it is used internally, in order to effect a complete cure [§285].

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