Organon §281

Discontinuing treatment with fifty-millesimal potency medicines

To be sure of this, leave the patient without medicine for eight, ten or fifteen days, giving only milk sugar [as a placebo] instead.

If the few last ailments were merely due to the medicine, which imitated the former original disease symptoms, then these ailments will pass away within a few days or hours and, if (with continued good living habits) nothing more of the original disease shows itself in these medicine-free days, then the disease is probably cured.

If, on the other hand, traces of the former disease symptoms still show themselves in the last days, then these are remnants of the original disease that are not entirely extinguished. These remnants should be treated anew, in the indicated way, with higher degrees of dynamization of the medicine.

Patient sensitivity affects the rate of advance to higher potencies.

Naturally, for the cure to ensue again, the first smallest doses must also be gradually heightened [increased in potency], however they should be heightened far less and more slowly with patients in whom one perceives a considerable excitability than with the more unreceptive patients, with whom one can raise the dose more rapidly. There are patients whose uncommon excitability is one thousand times greater than that of the most unreceptive ones.