Organon §279

As a rule, even the smallest homeopathic doses will be strong enough to begin a cure, except in cases in which vital organs are already seriously damaged, or in which other medicinal substances interfere with treatment.

This pure experience now shows universally that:

1. if considerable corruption of an important [vital] organ does not obviously lie at the base of the disease (even if the disease is chronic and complicated), and

2. if, during treatment, all other foreign medicinal impingements on the patient have been withheld, then the dose of a homeopathically chosen, highly potentized remedy for the beginning of treatment of an important (especially chronic) disease, as a rule, can never be prepared so small that it would not 1. be still stronger than the natural disease, 2. be able, at least in part, to over-tune the natural disease, and

3. even be able to extinguish a part of the natural disease in the feeling of the life principle, thus producing a beginning of the cure.