Organon §248

Directions for the use of fifty-millesimal potencies:

Potentize the solution anew before each dose. 

1. Before each administration of the medicinal solution, 203 potentize the solution anew with about eight, ten or twelve succussions of the bottle. Then give the patient one or, ascendingly, several teaspoons of this.

The frequency of administration depends on the disease.

2. In protracted diseases, give the medicine daily or every second day. In acute diseases, give the medicine every six, four, three or two hours. In the most urgent cases, give the medicine every hour or even more frequently. In chronic diseases, every correctly chosen homeopathic medicine, even one whose action is of long duration, may be repeated daily for months with ever-increasing success [when fifty-millesimal potencies are used].

Use the same medicine, in increasing potencies, as long as the patient improves with no important new ailments.

3. When a solution is used up, in 7-8 or 14-15 days, it is necessary to add to the next solution one or (rarely) several globules of the same medicine of another (higher) potency, if the medicine is still indicated. One should continue in this way as long as the patient continues to sense more improvement without undergoing one or another important ailment that he never had in his life.

Select another, more homeopathic medicine if any important new ailments appear and the symptoms of the disease are altered.

4. If the patient undergoes one or another important ailment that he never had before in his life, and the rest of the disease appears in a group of altered symptoms, then another medicine, more homeopathically appropriate, must now be selected in place of the one that was used. The new medicine should be administered in just such repeated doses. Again, each dose of the solution should be modified with the proper vigorous succussions in order to somewhat alter and heighten its degree of potency.

If homeopathic aggravations appear towards the end of treatment of a chronic disease, diminish the dose and frequency of the medicine, or stop it for several days. 

5. If so-called homeopathic aggravations (§161) appear towards the end of treatment of a chronic disease, after almost daily repetition of the fully homeopathically fitting medicine (i.e. , so that the remaining disease symptoms seem to be somewhat heightened), then this is an indication that the medicinal disease, which is so similar to the original disease, is now audible almost all by itself. Therefore, the doses must be reduced still more and repeated at longer intervals, or even entirely suspended for several days in order to see whether or not any more medicine is needed for recovery. If no more medicine is needed, these apparent symptoms (stemming merely from the overflow of the homeopathic medicine) will soon disappear by themselves, leaving behind unclouded health.

Administration of fifty-millesimal potencies by olfaction.

If the medicine is administered by olfaction daily (or every two, three or four days) the medicine must also be vigorously succussed before each olfaction. Medicine to be administered by olfaction is prepared as follows:

1. One globule of the medicine is dissolved, by succussion, in one dram of dilute alcohol.

2. The medicine is thoroughly succussed eight to ten times prior to each olfaction.


203 Make up solutions with 40, 30, 20, 15 or 8 tablespoons of water. Add some alcohol or a piece of charcoal to keep the solution from spoiling. If charcoal is used, suspend it on a thread in the bottle and remove it when succussing the bottle. Instead of using large quantities of water, solutions can be made up with only 7-8 tablespoons of water, as follows:

1. Place one globule of the properly dynamized medicine in a bottle with 7-8 tablespoons of water. (It is rarely necessary to use more than one globule of a properly dynamized medicine.)

2. Vigorously succuss the bottle.

3. Pour one tablespoon of this into a glass containing 8-10 tablespoons of water.

4. Stir several times vigorously.

5. Administer the determined dose of this to the patient. If the patient is unusually excitable and sensitive, a teaspoonful of this solution may be put in a second glass of water, vigorously stirred again, and a teaspoon of this (or somewhat more) administered to the patient. There are patients of such high excitability that it is necessary to employ a third or fourth glass, prepared in a similar way, to properly thin the medicinal solution for them. Every day after ingestion, one should pour out the contents of the one (or several) prepared drinking glasses in order to prepare the solution anew each day. It is best to crush the globule of highly potentized medicine into a few grains of powdered milk sugar so that all the patient has to do is put it into a bottle that holds the determined amount of water.