Organon §247

The life force resists repeated, unchanged doses, which aggravate the patient’s condition. When each new dose is slightly heightened in potency, the life force is brought closer to cure without ill effect.

It is an unexecutable project to repeat the same, unmodified dose of a medicine even once, let alone many times (and at short intervals in cases where treatment ought not be delayed). 202 The life principle does not accept such entirely identical doses without opposition, that is, without other symptoms of the medicine (i.e. , the ones not similar to those of the disease to be cured) becoming pronounced. The previous dose has already carried out the expected alteration of the life principle’s tunement, leaving a second unaltered dose of the same medicine of entirely equal dynamization with nothing more to carry out on the life principle. The patient can only become sick in a different way by such an unmodified dose-fundamentally sicker than he already was-because now the only symptoms of the medicine that remain in effect are those not homeopathic to the original disease. The result is an actual aggravation of the patient’s condition, rather than progress towards cure.

But as soon as one slightly modifies each new dose, by dynamizing it to a somewhat higher degree of potency (§269-§270), the sick life principle allows itself to be further unburdened by the same medicine without ill effect, allowing itself to be further altered in its tuning. Its feeling of the natural disease is further decreased and it is thereby brought closer to cure.


202 Therefore, one should not allow the patient to take a second or third dose of medicine in the same potency-even if it is the best homeopathically chosen medicine which was so well received the first time. For example, if one dry pellet was taken, another dry pellet in the same potency should not be taken a second or third time. If one takes, for a second or third time, an equal or smaller dose of the same medicine dissolved in water (where the water has remained standing undisturbed) then this same medicine will not be well received by the patient, even if the subsequent doses are taken after intervals of a couple of days. This is the case even if the original preparation was potentized with ten succussions (or only two succussions, as I later proposed [in fn 280 of the fifth edition of the Organon] in order to avoid this disadvantage and, to be sure, only for the above cited reasons). But by modifying each dose in its degree of dynamization, as I teach here, no shock takes place, even with more frequent repetition of the doses, no matter how highly potentized the medicine may be, with ever so many succussions. One might almost say that even the best chosen homeopathic medicine can best withdraw the morbid mistunement from the life principle and, in chronic diseases, extinguish the mistunement, only if the medicine is applied to the life principle in several different forms.

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