Organon §205

Homeopathic physicians treat the underlying miasm with internal homeopathic remedies rather than treating the miasm's primary or secondary symptoms with local means.

The homeopathic physician never uses local means (neither external, dynamically acting ones 183* nor mechanical ones) to treat these primary symptoms of chronic miasms, nor does he use local means to treat any of the secondary maladies that have germinated from the miasm's further development. When either primary or secondary symptoms appear, he cures the great miasm lying at their base. In this way, the primary and secondary symptoms, together with the great miasm, vanish all by themselves (except in some inveterate cases of sycosis).

Unfortunately, however, the homeopathic physician mostly finds himself with cases in which the primary symptom 184* has already been outwardly annihilated by the old school physician who previously treated the case. Therefore, the homeopathic physician now generally has to deal with the secondary symptoms (i.e. , the maladies stemming from the eruption and development of these indwelling miasms). Mostly, he has to deal with the chronic diseases that have developed from internal psora. (I refer the reader to The Chronic Diseases, in which I have endeavored to present the internal cure of these miasms as far as any one physician could bring them to light, after many years of cogitation, observation and experience.)

183* Therefore I cannot recommend, for example, the local extirpation of the so-called lip or facial cancer (which is, perhaps, the fruit of highly developed psora, sometimes combined with syphilis) by means of Cosmo's arsenical preparation. It is extremely painful and often fails; but more importantly, when the bodily site is locally freed of the malignant ulcer by this means, the fundamental malady has not been diminished in the least. The sustentive power of life is therefore required to transfer the focus for the great internal malady to a still nobler site (as it does with all metastases) allowing blindness, deafness, insanity, suffocative asthma, dropsy, apoplexy, etc. to follow. Moreover, this ambiguous local liberation of the site from the malignant ulcer by the topical arsenical means only succeeds when the ulcer is not yet large and not of venereal origin, and when the life force is still very energetic. But it is in precisely such cases that a complete internal cure of the whole original malady is still feasible. The result is the same when facial or breast cancers are removed surgically or when encysted tumors are enucleated without previously curing the indwelling miasm. Something worse ensues or, at the very least, death is hastened. This has been the result in times without number, but the old school still goes on blindly wreaking the same misfortune in each new case.

184* That is, the itch diathesis eruption, the chancre (or inguinal bubo), or figwarts.