Organon §203

Every external treatment for clearing away such local symptoms from the surface of the body, without having cured the internal miasmatic disease (e.g. , the eradication of the itch diathesis from the skin by all kinds of salves, the cauterization of chancres, and the annihilation of figwarts just by cutting, tying or burning them off)-these hitherto universal, external, ruinous treatments (which have been all too common) have become the most prevalent source of all the countless named and unnamed chronic sufferings under which humanity so generally sighs. This practice is one of the most criminal acts of which the medical guild could make itself guilty, and yet it has been the commonly established one and it has been taught from the rostrums [of medical schools] as the only one. 182


182 This is because the additional medicines that were administered internally served only to aggravate the malady since these means possessed no specific curative power for the totality of the disease. Rather, these medicines attacked the organism, weakened it and, in addition, inflicted other chronic medicinal diseases upon it.