Organon §201

The life force makes and sustains symptoms on the exterior to silence chronic internal disease.

When the human life force is burdened with a chronic disease that it cannot overwhelm by its own powers, it obviously decides (in an instinctual way) to form a local malady on a given external part. It makes and sustains the local malady on an external part which is not indispensable to life merely with the intent to allay the internal malady that threatens to annihilate vital organs and rob the patient of life. It does so in order to transfer (so to speak) the internal malady to a representative local malady-to divert it there, as it were. In this way, the presence of the local malady reduces the internal disease to silence for the present, however, without being able to cure it or to essentially curtail it. 181 In the meantime, the local malady always remains nothing more than a part of the total disease, but a part exaggerated one-sidedly by the organic life force, shifted onto a more harmless (outer) location of the body in order to allay the internal suffering.

Local symptoms of chronic disease grow worse in order to continue to appease the worsening internal disease.

While the presence of this local symptom silences the internal disease for awhile, little is won on the side of the life force towards either diminishing the total malady or curing it. On the contrary, the internal suffering gradually increases and nature is compelled to enlarge and worsen the local symptom more and more in order that it may still suffice as a representative for the enlarged internal disease and for its appeasement. For example:

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1. Old thigh ulcers get worse as long as internal psora is uncured.

2. The chancre enlarges as long as internal syphilis is uncured.

3. The figwarts multiply and grow as long as sycosis is uncured, whereby the sycosis becomes more and more difficult to cure.

The internal total disease also grows of itself with time.

181 The fontanels used by old-school physicians do something similar. As artificial ulcers on external parts, they allay some internal chronic sufferings, but only for a very short time (as long as they cause a painful irritation to which the sick organism is unaccustomed) and they cannot cure the sufferings. Rather, they debilitate and ruin the whole condition-state far more than the instinctual life force does through most of the metastases that it organizes.

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  1. Марина Осовская

    «Наличие местного поражения, таким образом, подавляет на какое-то время внутреннюю болезнь, хотя не может ни вылечить её, ни устранить её физически» (Высочанский). В данном контексте это именно «подавление» или «замещение» , «перенос» внутренней болезни, «отвлечение» от нее или попытка жизненной силы «устранить» болезнь? Почему уже проявленная
    местным поражением (т.е. нашедшая выражение) внутренняя болезнь продолжает усугубляться?

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