Organon §197

However, such treatment is thoroughly reprehensible for local symptoms which have the psoric miasm as a basis (and also for those having the syphilitic or sycotic miasm as a basis) because, in diseases whose chief symptom is a constant local malady, the topical application of the remedy simultaneous to its internal use will give rise to the following great disadvantage: the local malady (which is the chief symptom) 179 will usually disappear from view sooner than the annihilation of the internal disease. We shall now be deceived by the semblance of a complete cure. At the least, the premature disappearance of this local symptom will make it more difficult (and in some cases impossible) to judge whether the total disease has also been annihilated by the supplemental use of the internal medicine. 


179 The local maladies which are the chief symptoms of the psoric, syphilitic and sycotic miasms are the recent itch diathesis eruption, the chancre and the figwart, respectively.

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