Organon §169

Do not make a second prescription without re-examining the case.

If, on the first examination of a disease and the first selection of a medicine for it, no one medicine’s disease elements sufficiently cover the symptom complex of the disease (owing to an insufficient number of known medicines) but two medicines contend for preference in terms of suitability-one medicine homeopathically fitting one portion of the disease signs and the other medicine fitting another portion-it is not advisable, after using the superior of the two medicines, to automatically give the other without examining the case. 174 The medicine that before proclaimed itself second best may, under the altered circumstances, no longer fit the remaining symptoms. In this case, a more fitting homeopathic medication must be selected in place of the second medicine for the newly recorded stock of symptoms.


74 And it is still far less advisable to give the two medicines together (§273).