Organon §155

Medicines capable of producing many symptoms cure without significant ailment because the minute doses used are too weak to produce significant symptoms in disease-free parts of the body.

The disease is lifted and extinguished without significant ailment because, in the use of this fitting homeopathic medicine, only the medicinal symptoms of the remedy that correspond to the disease symptoms are in operation. The medicinal symptoms take up the place of the (weaker) disease symptoms in the organism, that is, in the feeling of the life principle, and annihilate the disease symptoms by means of over-tunement. Finding no employment in the existing case of disease, the other symptoms of the homeopathic medicine (which are often numerous) remain entirely silent. Almost nothing of the medicinal symptoms is to be noticed in the patient's condition, which improves by the hour, because the medicinal dose necessary for homeopathic use is so deeply diminished [minute] that it is much too weak to express its remaining, non-homeopathic symptoms in the disease-free parts of the body. Consequently, it can only permit the homeopathic symptoms to act in the parts of the organism already most irritated and excited by the similar disease symptoms, thus allowing the sick life principle to feel only the similar, but stronger medicinal disease, whereby the original disease expires.