Organon §149

Complicated chronic wasting sicknesses take far longer for recovery. Those complicated by prolonged, violent, allopathic treatments may be incurable.

The old (and especially the complicated) wasting sicknesses require relatively more time for cure-especially those chronic medicinal wasting sicknesses so often engendered by allopathic artlessness, along with the natural disease that has been left uncured by such artlessness. These require a far longer time for recovery. Often, indeed, these cases are incurable due to a. the insolent robbery of the patient’s vitality and bodily fluids by venesection, purgatives, etc., b. the often long-continued application of large doses of violently acting means, administered according to empty, false suppositions about their alleged use in similarly appearing disease cases, and c. the prescription of unsuitable mineral baths, etc.-that is, all the usual heroic deeds of allopaths in their so-called treatments.

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