Organon §139

Provers should keep detailed proving journals.

If the physician is conducting a proving with someone other than himself as the prover, then the following instructions should be followed:

1. The prover should write down distinctly each of his sensibilities, ailments, befallments and condition-alterations at that point in time when each one takes place. 2. The prover should indicate the time elapsed from the ingestion of the medicine to the arising of each symptom.

3. The prover should note the duration of the symptom, if it lasts a long time. The physician should look over the essay, in the presence of the prover, immediately after the completion of the proving, or daily if the proving lasts for several days.

Provers should be interviewed daily by the supervising physician.

The physician should do this in order to question the prover about the exact nature of each incident while everything is still fresh in his memory. The physician should write alongside any more detailed circumstances about these incidents, and he should modify the record as necessary, according to the prover’s testimony. 162


162 The person who makes known to the medical world the results of such experiments is responsible for the reliability of the prover and his statements, and rightly so since the welfare of suffering humanity is at stake.