Organon §137

Moderate proving doses yield better information, and are safer, than large doses.

For such experiments, up to a certain degree, the more moderate the medicinal dose used, the more distinctly the initial actions emerge, and only those that are the most worth knowing [being aware of] without any after-actions or counter-actions of the life principle. This is the case provided one endeavors to facilitate the observation by the selection of a fine-feeling person who loves the truth, is moderate in every regard, and who directs the most intense attention to himself. On the contrary, with excessively large doses, not only are there several after-actions to be met with among the symptoms, but also the initial actions crop up in such confused haste and violence that nothing may be exactly observed, not to mention the danger of excessively large doses [for the prover]. This cannot be a matter of indifference to anyone who has regard for humankind and who prizes the least of the people as his brother.