Organon §133

Determine the exact character of each symptom and its modalities.

Upon becoming sensible [i.e. , upon feeling and becoming conscious] of this or that medicinal ailment, it is serviceable, indeed requisite for the exact determination of the symptom, to place oneself in different situations and to observe whether the befallment increases, lessens or passes away and whether, perhaps, the befallment returns when one is once again in the initial situation.

1. Does the befallment increase, lessen or pass away: -by movement of the part in question? -by walking in a room or in the fresh air? -by standing, sitting or lying?

2. Does the symptom alter itself: -by eating? -by drinking? -under some other condition? -by speaking, coughing, sneezing, or during another bodily function?

3. What time of the day or night is the symptom especially wont to come? In this way, what is peculiar and characteristic about each symptom becomes evident.