Organon §123

How to prepare unpotentized medicines for provings.

Each of these medicines must be taken in a quite simple, unadulterated form.

1. Medicines made from indigenous [local] plants should be taken as freshly expressed juice mixed with some alcohol to prevent spoilage.

2. Exotic [non-local] plants should be made into a powder or they should be extracted fresh and made into a tincture prepared with alcohol. When administered, they should be mixed with several parts of water.

3. Salts and gums should be dissolved in water immediately before being taken.

4. If the plant is only to be had in its dry form and if, according to its nature, its powers are naturally weak, an infusion should be made from it by pouring boiling water over the crushed herb. It should be drunk immediately after being prepared, while still warm. This is because all expressed plant juices and all infusions of plants using water, without alcohol added, rapidly begin to ferment and spoil, losing their medicinal power.