Organon §112

While the counter-action of the life principle is perceptible in poisonings, it is rarely perceptible in provings or in the treatment of diseases. 

In those older descriptions of the often life-endangering actions of medicines ingested in excessive doses, one also perceives states which showed themselves not at the beginning but at the end of such sad events and which were of an entirely opposite nature to those at the beginning. These symptoms that oppose the initial action (which is actually the impinging-action upon the life force, §63) are the counter-action of the organism’s life principle. Therefore, they are its after-action (§62-§67). In provings with moderate doses upon healthy bodies, this after-action is seldom or almost never in the least to be sensed; with small doses, nothing at all is to be sensed. In the homeopathic curative pursuit, the living organism produces only as much counter-action against these small doses as is necessary to again raise the condition up to the natural healthy state [§68].