Latex (Каучук)

Описание и показания к применению гомеопатического препарата
LATEX(каучук) – в дерево втыкают нож и собирают сок. Это человек, который является едой для всех. Это люди, которые говорят: «Вы не будете втыкать в меня нож!».

Темы из прувинга гомеопатического препарата Латекс.

3 основные темы

Одна часть симптомов группируется вокруг идеи сдерживания, ограничения и закрытости. Другая, большая часть симптомов относится к препятствиям, разделении и разъединении. Последняя группа симптомов связана с необходимостью выстраивания искусственных барьеров, ток как естественные слабы или отсутствуют.

В гомеопатическом препарате Латекс выражено желание быть закрытой или удерживаемой, что может рассматриваться позитивно как поиск спокойствия и уюта. Однако есть отрицательная сторона, которая выражается в клаустрофобией.

Образы пузыря или воздушного шара, которые явно связаны с препаратом, включают ощущение того, что они «привязаны», а также «отделены от мира».

The theme of separation and disconnection was manifested in many different ways. There was a feeling of disconnection from people. Communication and difficulties in communicating were important. There was a disconnection from feelings, both from the feelings of others and from the provers’ own feelings. This can lead to being unfeeling, which is expressed in ruthlessness or selfishness.

Imagery was often sexual or concerned with death and birth, but it could also be sterile. There was also a disconnection from the self. This could be manifest in distortions of the provers’ perception of themselves. The prover can even feel as if he or she is invisible.

Provers also felt disconnected from their environment and from the events going on around them. This disconnection allowed provers to act unaffected by events, to go with the flow, whether for good or ill.

Violence was common around the provers but there was again a feeling of not connecting with it. This disconnection could be described as a state of shock and provers sometimes felt paralysed by it. Provers felt safe (safe is a slang term for a condom) and this could make them brave, or less positively, reckless.

The distancing from the distractions of the world and events allowed an unusual degree of focus. However, when this focus became combined with a lack of boundaries it could run on with nothing to stop it becoming excessive.

The lack of boundaries was felt by many and led to a need to create them. There was a sense of vulnerability that often went further and some felt suspicious or paranoid that they were being attacked, harassed or persecuted.

The openness to the environment resulted in sensitivity and so to irritability. There was also a sensitivity to the opinion of others and many felt shame and guilt. There was also a lack of boundaries with other worlds resulting in clairvoyance.

Just as the disconnection led to an ability to focus so the lack of boundaries led to difficulty in concentrating to confusion and to clumsiness.

The confusion and disorientation combine with the hyperactive nature of the remedy to produce a feeling that they or the world are out of control.