— Feels out of reality; space out; as if soul separated from body; as if in a dream; expanded.
— Different perception of time and space.
— Religious delusions, affections.
— Feels overflowing love for humanity.
— Fear of insanity. Split consciousness.
— Paranoia.
— Alternating moods. Hysterical laughter, singing, alt. with anger.
— Irresolution.
— Absent-minded. Forgetful, of words while speaking; what is going to do.
— Concentration difficult, on studying. Mistakes in writing and speaking; left and right.
— Suicidal disposition, jumping from height, cut wrist.
— Confusion, about (sexual) identity.
— agg. Becoming cold; after sleep.
— amel. Warmth.
— Tendency to take cold.
— Sensation of heat, night, on waking.
— Lassitude, desire to lie down. Weakness amel. mental occupation.
— Pain burning as from pepper.
— Trembling internal and external.
— Wounds, suppurating.
Food and drinks
— Aversion: Spices, hot drinks/food.
— Desires: Cold drinks.
— Numbness of brain.
— Constriction, band, passing behind eyes.
— Heaviness, forehead.
— Crawling like insects.
— Pain amel. bending head backward; small spot; ext. root of nose.
— Pain deep in left brain, ext. forehead; frontal right side, ext. ear; frontal left side.
Pain linear.
— Ecchymosis, inner canthi.
— Lachrymation, agg. right.
— Swelling upper lids.
— Colours: black spots, floating; bright.
— Images too long retained.
— Objects seem to be moving.
— Coldness, as if air blowing on it.
— Noises, ringing.
— Hearing acute.
— Coryza. Sneezing. Catarrh, agg. evening; post-nasal.
— Sensation of lump left nostril.
— Dry lips.
— Eruptions mouth corners.
— Numbness lips, tingling.
— Coldness left side.
— Hair, upper lip, in women.
— Twitching left eye.
— Dry, tongue adheres to roof of mouth.
Throat/external throat
— Dryness.
— Mucous drawn from posterior nares.
— Pain burning, as from pepper.
— Sensation of a hair, splinter, lump.
— Swelling cervical glands.
— Nausea, annual, amel. lying right side, motion, agg. lying on back.
— Wobbly sensation rising upwards and spreading over body.
— Pain hypochondrium, left, ext. inguinal region.
— Retraction, sense. of.
— Sudden urging, forcible stool.
— Flatus/stool offensive, fishy odour; like spoiled eggs.
Male genitalia
— Eruptions penis; cracks.
Female genitalia
— Menses copious, clotted, intermittent.
— Voice hoarse.
— Barking.
— Anxiety, shocks region of heart. Palpitations.
— Swelling mammae.
— Coldness as from draft.
— Pain, tension cervical region, as if cervical tendons too short.
— Awkwardness.
— Coldness. Heat of thigh. One foot hot.
— Sensation of electrical current.
— Heaviness, weakness lower limbs.
— Burning feet at night.
— Restless legs at night.
— Deep.
— Dreams: amorous, busy, rescuing children, of death, high places, journeys, past events.
— Sleepiness, overpowering. Sleeplessness from excitement.
Anac, Anh, Cann-i, Op, Puls, Thuj, Sulph.