Homeopathic versus antipathic medical treatment Organon §61

The homeopathic mode of cure, based on symptom similarity and minimal doses, is the exact opposite of the antipathic treatment of disease symptoms. Instead of transient relief followed by aggravation, there is permanent and perfect cure.

Had physicians been capable of reflecting upon such sad results of opposed medicinal application, they would have long since found the great truth: the true, enduring curative mode must be found in the exact opposite of such an antipathic treatment of disease symptoms. They would have become alive to the fact that, just as a medicinal action opposed to the disease symptoms (i.e. , an antipathically employed medicine) provides only short-lasting relief, always bringing aggravation in its wake, so must the reverse procedure, the homeopathic application of medicine according to symptom similarity, necessarily bring to pass a permanent, complete cure, if the opposite of their large doses, namely the very smallest doses are given. But neither:

1. the short-lasting relief followed by aggravation that ensued from their antipathic treatments [§59], nor

2. the fact that no physician ever produced a permanent cure of old or very old maladies if a proactive homeopathic medicine was not by chance to be found in his prescription, nor

3. the fact that all rapid, complete cures ever brought to pass by nature (§46) were always produced only by means of a similar disease coming upon the old one, led them, in the great span of centuries, to this sole cure-bringing truth.