Heroinum (Robin Murphy)

PHARMACY – herin. Heroinum. Heroin. Diamorphine. Papaveraceae.

CLINICAL – Addictions. Amenorrhea. Belching. Blisters. Coma. Constipation. Coryza. Cramps. Diarrhea. Drug, addiction. Drug, overdose. Eczema. Emaciation. Euthanasia. Faintness. Headaches. Heartburn. Insomnia. Mania. Narcotic, abuse. Nausea. Numbness. Sinusitis. Stiffness. Tinnitus. Tobacco. Urticaria. Vertigo. Vomiting. Warts. Wounds.

HOMEOPATHIC – Addiction to drugs, allopathic medicines. Ailments from narcotics. Desire for narcotics. Physical euphoria. Drug overdose.

Lack of reaction, with weakness. Faintness. Weakness, accompanied by nausea. Weariness, in the afternoon. Sluggishness of the body. Emaciation. Sore, aching, bruised pain in joints, muscles. Stiffness. Wounds. Inflammation of sinuses. Pulse frequent. Coma.

Desire to be in the wind, near a warm stove. Trembling, externally with coldness, better warmth, eating. Aversion to smell of tobacco, sensitive to tobacco.

MIND – Confusion, difficult concentration. Weak memory. Dullness. Mentally absorbed. Abstraction of mind. Depersonalization. Awkward, drops things. Spaced-out feeling. Everything seems unreal. Apathy to external impressions. Activity alternating with lassitude. Indifference.

Mental shock. Ailments from embarrassment, wounded honor. Ailments from mortification. Drug addiction and alcoholism. Morphine abuse. Disposition to become a criminal.

Euphoria alternating with sadness. Contentment. Full of desires for unattainable things. Fearless in spite of danger. No sense of danger, reckless. Frightened easily. Anxiety, alternating with indifference. Anxiety about his family, when alone, about the future. Fear of losing control, that something bad will happen. Claustrophobia.

Self-destructive. Insecure. Critical of oneself, feels underappreciated. Despair of life, of social position. Childish behavior. Forsaken feeling. Irresolution and indecision. Discontented. Restlessness. Antisocial behavior. Desire for solitude. Aversion to company, to answering questions. Unfeeling, hardhearted with his family. Dictatorial. Fastidious.

Abrupt, rough behavior. Impatience. Irritability when disturbed. Offended easily. Violent anger. Rage, fury with cursing. Anger from contradiction. Anger alternating with tranquility. Chaotic behavior. Knocking his head against wall and things. Mutilates his body.

Manic depression. Lascivious, lustful. Sexual mania. Religious affections, too occupied with religion. Feels doomed. Delusions that he is accused of committing a crime, betrayed. Delusions of being alone in the world. Thinks he is a criminal and others know it. Delusions of being double, of having two wills. Sees faces in the air around her. Imagines that he has been poisoned.

Abdomen – Distension, elongated. Cramping, griping, pressing, sore pain. Tension, pressure, better bending double. Sore pain in iliac region, worse pressure. Stitching pain in umbilicus, sides, especially on right. Restlessness, uneasiness. Eczema.

Back – Thoracic pain, between or under right scapulae. Tearing pain below left scapulae. Stiffness in lumbar region, pain, worse exertion, on right side.

BREASTS – Sensitive breasts. Softness of breasts. Breast swelling and pain. Burning pain, under left breast.

Breathing – Respiration impeded, arrested, obstructed with anxiety. Respiration difficult if hurried.

CAUSATIONS – Drug addiction. Alcoholism. Mental shock. Ailments from embarrassment, mortification, wounded honor.

Chest – Anxiety in chest. Internal coldness. Heat flushes. Constriction, extending to throat, on left side, with sighing, after sex. Burning pain under left breast. Cutting pain on coughing, on inspiration. Chest pain, during cough or fever, worse inspiration. Griping pain on left side. Pain lying on side, worse motion. Pain in sides, on motion. Stitching pain in sternum on waking. Axillary glands inflamed, especially right.

Coughs – Dry cough from tickling in larynx. Tickling cough, worse lying down. Cough on first lying down. Cough from talking, in the afternoon, 3 p.m.

Ears – Heat in right ear. Ear pain, on the left. Stopped sensation. Tinnitus. Noises in ear, humming, singing, especially on the right. Hearing impaired, as if from cotton in ear, in right ear. Acute hearing.

Eyes – Itching, lachrymation. Sore pain in left eye. Tired sensation. Photophobia. Pupils contracted to a pinpoint. Heavy eyelids, difficult to open.

Face – Urticaria. Red eruptions on cheeks, right. Herpes about upper lips. Painful lips, as if excoriated. Swollen lips. Tingling of lips, extending to nose. Sore, bruised pain, in lower jaws, lips. Corners of mouth cracked, especially left. Stitching pain, lower jaws. Heat flushes.

Female – Amenorrhea. Menses, too frequent, copious, dark, painless, scanty. Traces of menses between the periods. Ovarian pain during menses, at ovulation. Sore pain in ovaries, uterus. Sexual desire, increased, in morning in bed. Sexual desire, diminished, wanting. Orgasm, wanting.

Food – Appetite diminished. Ravenous appetite, accompanied by nausea, after eating, on waking, during perspiration. Thirst on waking. Desires cold water, wine, warm or hot drinks, coffee, soda water, carbonated drinks, fruit juice. Desires carrots, raw food, fruit, meat, bacon, pastry, sweets, spices, ginger. Desires alcohol, but aggravates, excessive hangover. Aversion to meat, dairy, chocolate, sweets, and tea.

Head – Congestion. Constriction, band or hoop sensation, from forehead, extending to neck. Sensation of contraction, fullness, heavy, light. Numbness in the forehead, extending to nose in the evening, or in the vertex. Pain, with nausea, when bending head forward, after sex. Pain better lying down, in the morning, rising from lying, worse from motion. Cutting pain in the temples, right side. Pinching pain. Pressing, like a cap, in the vertex, extending to forehead. Sore pain on vertex. Shaking, tingling, pulsating sensation, on vertex extending to ears. Headache, above left or right eye, behind the eyes, in temples, vertex extending to ear, eyes. Headache from riding in a carriage, from exposure to sun. Headache better from vomiting.

HEART – Conscious of heart’s action. Cutting pain. Palpitations, extending to throat, in the morning after breakfast.

LARYNX – Cold sensation. Constriction. Voice, croaking.

Limbs – Awkwardness. Weakness, especially in lower legs, in afternoon. Aching pain, in lower limbs, ankles, feet, heels, knees, and hips. Aching in the morning. Burning pain, in joints. Sensation of heaviness in the lower limbs. Hip pain when ascending stairs, knee pain on motion, while sitting, particularly the left. Shooting pain in leg, stitching pain in thigh. Twitching in the lower limbs, foot and thighs. Tingling in hands, legs, feet while standing, upper limbs. Sensation that legs will buckle. Lower limbs itch. Warts and heat on the feet, soles. Stiff ankles. Coldness on the hands and feet. Hands hot and dry, finger joints inflamed. Pains in first joints of fingers. Brittle fingernails, felon. Hands drop things. Pain in upper arm, in shoulder, followed by pain in right shoulder, better pressure.

Kidneys – Stitching pain in right kidney.

Male – Sexual desire diminished, wanting, or increased.

MODALITIES – Better open air. Better after rain. Better hot bathing. Better after sex. Worse in afternoon.

Mouth – Burning pain, heat. Burning pain inside of lips. Painless ulcers, inside of lips. Cool, frothy, sour saliva. Itching, sore pain in palate. Biting cheek when talking or chewing. Spongy gums. Bleeding gums when cleaning them.

Neck – Stiffness in cervical region, when bending forward. Pain in neck region, extending to right scapulae. Pain and swelling in cervical glands.

NOSE – Coldness, heaviness. Perspiration on nose. Sinus complaints. Catarrh. Obstruction or coryza in the morning. Sneezing after rising. Tip of nostrils itching, tingling. Burning, smarting pain in root of nose. Acute sense of smell.

Rectum – Constipation, ineffectual urging and straining. Insufficient bowel movements. Lack of peristaltic action. Painful urging. Diarrhea. Cutting pain, when sitting, extending to ovaries.

SENSATIONS – Internal knotted sensation. Analgesia. Insensibility. Heaviness in the afternoon. External numbness. Tingling of affected parts.

SKIN – Contraction, as if skin would burst. Itching blisters, eruptions, worse from soap. Eruptions from sun. Urticaria. Itching without eruptions. Stinging pain, as from needles and pins. Bitten, as if by an insect, like fleabites. Sensitiveness to touch. Warts. Radiant skin unnaturally.

SLEEP – Sleepiness in afternoon, evening, while driving. Insomnia from anxiety, from coldness. Anxious, restless sleep. Disturbed sleep, from anxiety, by cough. Unrefreshing sleep. Heavy or light sleep. Prolonged sleep. Sleeps curled up. Frequent waking with anxiety. Waking after midnight from chill. Waking too early.

Stomach – Cramping, pressing pain, extending to abdomen, into chest. Sensation of a ball. Empty sensation, without hunger, during nausea. Fullness, after eating, with oppression of breathing. Belching. Heartburn. Nausea while riding in a carriage. Nausea before eating, better from eating. Easy, painless vomiting. Vomiting after eating, late at night. Hernia, hiatus.

TEETH – Chattering teeth. Sensitive, tender teeth, from brushing. Sore, bruised pain. Corroded sensation.

Temperature – Heat sensation, alternating with sensation of cold. Lack of vital heat. Chilly in general, especially in afternoon. Icy coldness of the body. Flushes of heat, with perspiration, in evenings, in room.

Throat – Choking. Narrow sensation. Constriction. Lump sensation. Pain on empty swallowing. Thick, yellow mucus, with constant disposition to swallow. Coated. Sensation of mucus. Inflammation, right side. Aching pain, better from warmth. Sore pain in esophagus. Sore throat, better eating, warm drinks. Heat in throat, after cough, extending to stomach. Cold sensation in throat, esophagus. Dryness.

Tongue – Burning pain. Burnt sensation on sides of tongue. Pain on right side. Tongue yellow, white, heavily coated. Acute, metallic, sour taste. Loss of taste.

Urine – Pale color.

Vertigo – Vertigo accompanied by heaviness in head. Vertigo while lying, standing, on rising. Vertigo with nausea.

Vision – Blue colors before the eyes. Blue halo of fire. Rays. Swimming of objects. Vision foggy, better from closing eyes.

RELATIONS – Compare: (1) Nux-v. Anac. (2) Op. Cann-i. Hyos