Treatment with fifty-millesimal potencies §280-§283 Organon §280

Give gradually heightened doses of the most serviceable medicine which produces no new troublesome symptoms until the patient, with general improvement, begins to suffer a homeopathic aggravation.

One should continue giving gradually heightened [more highly potentized] doses of the persistently serviceable medicine that engenders no new troublesome symptoms until the patient with general improvement of condition begins to sense anew, in a moderate degree, one or more of his old, original ailments. This renewal of old ailments indicates that:

1. the patient is near cure due to the moderate doses that have, each time, been gradually heightened by means of succussion (§247),

2. namely, the life principle almost no longer needs to be affected by the similar medicinal disease in order to lose the feeling for the natural disease (§148),

3. the life principle, now freer from the natural disease, is beginning to suffer somewhat from the homeopathic medicinal disease, which is otherwise called a homeopathic aggravation.