Taking the case §82-§104 Individualizing the examination of each case of disease Organon §82

Careful investigation of the case is needed for individualized treatment of disease.

With the discovery of psora, that great source of chronic diseases, and with the finding of more specific homeopathic remedies for psora, the medical art has come some steps closer to the nature of the majority of diseases to be cured. Even so, the homeopathic physician's duty to carefully apprehend the investigable symptoms and peculiarities of these diseases remains just as indispensable as before, for the formation of the indicator for each chronic (psoric) disease to be cured. No genuine cure of the psoric diseases, or any of the remaining diseases, can take place without the strict individualized treatment of each case of disease.

Differences in taking an acute and a chronic case.

In this investigation, some distinction is to be made between sufferings that are acute, rapidly arising diseases and those that are chronic. In acute diseases, the principal symptoms become more rapidly conspicuous and discernible to the senses so that a much shorter time is needed to note down the disease image. Since most of the acute disease presents itself spontaneously, there is much less that needs to be asked. 140 Gradually advanced, chronic diseases of several years duration are discovered far more laboriously.  


140 Therefore, the following schema for investigating symptoms only partly concerns cases of acute disease.