Органон Врачебного Искусства

Органон §156-163

Видеоматериалы вебинара Школы Гомеопатов 14.05.2017 Теория и философия гомеопатии. Углубленное изучение параграфов Органона.

Organon §291

Baths of pure water have been found useful both as palliatives and as homeopathically serviceable auxiliary means in the restoration of health.

Organon §289

All of the above-mentioned modes of practicing mesmerism are based on a dynamic influx into the sufferer of more or less life force, and are…

Organon §285

Correct external application of the homeopathic medicine which is being given internally with success.

Organon §283

Start with small doses so that no harm will be done if the medicine given proves to be an unfitting one.

Organon §282

Homeopathic aggravation produced by the first LM doses indicates that these doses were too large.

Organon §281

Discontinuing treatment with fifty-millesimal potency medicines

Organon §279

As a rule, even the smallest homeopathic doses will be strong enough to begin a cure, except in cases in which vital organs are already…

Organon §277

The more homeopathic a remedy is to the disease, the more curative it will be when given in appropriately small doses which act gently

Organon §276

A too-strong dose of a homeopathic medicine does more injury than the same dose of an unhomeopathic medicine.