Scorpio europaeus


Scor. Scorpio europaeus. Scorpion (several species). androctonus amurreuxi helbraeu. N. O. Scorpionida. Class, Arachnida. Tincture of living animals. Historical dose: All potencies.


The Scorpion was a major remedy in ancient Egyptian medicine. A proving of Scorpion is written in the medical papyruses, which give a vivid description of Isis allowing herself to be stung to determine the effects of the medicine. Scorpion stings are attended with a certain amount of danger, especially to children. A proving on a middle eastern scorpion was conducted by Jeremy Sherr. Most provers were between age 25 to 40 years old. The symptoms are from the provings and effects of stings. Planets: Mars.


Pain and swelling of the injured part are first experienced and constitutional symptoms follow. These include sleepiness, prostration and possibly tetanus. Strabismus has been observed in some cases and the pupils are dilated.

Bitten part much swollen with violent pains lasting from one to three days. Heat and pain at bitten spot, sleepiness, sneezing, restlessness, later, abundant saliva, meteorism, later, trismus or tetanus. Complete prostration.

Always acute pains in and diminished temperature of the part bitten.


Salivation. Strabismus. Tetanus.



Mind dull and foggy. Mentally better while moving and walking. Anguish and worry. Desired company and sympathy.  Feels sorry for herself, better crying. Anxiety about health. Anxiety for no reason. Anxiety for self, friends and the world with continual sighing.

Averse to work. Tired and apathetic. Felt detached, very interested in little things. Dreamy and detached. Felt disconnected from the human race, as if everyone were another species. Weariness and apathy. Felt depressed and destructive. Staring and dreamy, sits gazing out of the window. Aversion to things she usually enjoyed.

Very sensitive to music. Incredibly sensitive to noise, can't bear it. Despairing, tearful mood, could see no way out. Sadness and confusion, unable to see a solution to her problems. Sensitive to others' emotions. Sympathetic, took on other people's problems. Speech slurred, answered with difficulty. Indisposed to talk and averse to company. Hurried, runs everywhere. Extreme anguish and restlessness. Desire to be out in the country.

Very changeable moods, one moment extremely friendly, nice and amiable, then irritable. Incredible upsurge of energy, felt very high, then low, then high again. Great swings of mood, better for eating. Clumsy. Accident prone. As if drunk, with increased sexual desire. Disappointed with people. Conversation difficult. Desired comfort and sympathy.

Panic stricken. Fear, as if something terrible would happen. Felt terror, panic, fear and that he could not cope. Absolutely terrified of dogs. Overwhelmed by terror, panic and fear. Full of fear when driving. Impatient watching others, wanted to speed them up. Time seemed to go slowly. Did everything in a hurry. Eating hurriedly.

Irritable, snappy, oversensitive to noise. Argumentative. Growled at her children. Angry with her children and family. Irritability, worse for noise and bright lights. Critical and irritable.

Desire to pick an argument or fight. Great hostility to those around him. Assertive, impatient, aggressive. Felt resentful and abused. Terrible uncontrollable temper.

Wanted to kill her husband and children. Horrible moods. Lack of concentration with day dreaming and difficulty in mental exertion. Mind blank when concentrating. Unable to think of more than one thing at a time. Forgetful. Absent-minded. Memory very poor for recent events. Did not notice people he knew on the street, even though he knew them. Forgot what she had just done and wanted to do it again. Forgetful and could not perform her daily routines. Mistakes in writing and spelling.


Short, sharp, strong stabbing cramps below ribs. Clinching feeling of panic in abdomen, as if nearly had an accident. Ache in lower abdomen. Pains in intestines feel bruised and sore. Pain in morning, in a horizontal line in intestine, headache alternates with pain in the abdomen. Pain in liver, a deep stitch, worse exertion, movement, walking fast. Pain upper abdomen, above naval in the morning.


Feeling of cold in back while in bed. Sudden and tremendous pain and stiffness. Pain, cramp and stiffness left side neck. Pain between scapulae extending down spine. Numbness and tingling middle edge of left scapula. Aching and bruised sensation in sacral region. Backache, worse sitting or beginning motion. Pain radiates to sides, radiates to pelvis, radiates to diaphragm. Feeling of weight in back as if the affected vertebrae were made of lead. Pain in one vertebra. Sharp pain in back, worse breathing deeply.


Felt as if breasts were very big, held breasts, then walked around massaging breasts.


Anxiety in chest. Pressure, compression on chest, oppression as if a cushion were inside chest cavity, pressing organ down to spine. Pain left breast and lymph glands. Itching axilla. Sensation of expansion of chest.

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Oppressive dreams before waking, feeling of jealousy. Vague, troublesome dreams, later part of sleep. Amazing dreams. Dreams are confused. Dreams, angry, busy. Erotic dreams. Dreams of a car crash. Dreams of climbing ladders, bus steps, into house. Dreams of dracula, fearful, frightening. Dreams of guilt. Dreams of naked women. Dreams of being attacked and murdered. Dreams of past events, of childhood, parents. Dreams of events not yet taken place. Dreams of violence. Dreams of water. Dreams of orange and red walls. Dreams of toilets and feces. Dreamed that she was chased. Dreams of people's heads chopped off, that she was weighing them.


Sharp pain in ears, down canal, as if a sharp pencil was pushed down into the ear. Pressure inside ears. Pain in left ear, extending to the jaw and moving to the back of the right ear. Aching in left ear. Discomfort, tickling and ringing in left ear. Itch in left meatus of ear. Wave-like sound within and around ears, worse at night. Loud ringing in the ears. Blocked ears, with slight deafness. Hearing dull, as if cotton wool in ears.


Pupils dilated. Strabismus. Aversion to sunlight. Eyes water, red and smarting. Eyes sore and hot, eyelids inflamed. Eyes small, puffy, lusterless and tired. Eyes feel strained. Flashes of blue pin points on objects when suddenly moving head or bending down. Flashing ripples when closing eyes in bed. Focusing eyes difficult. Can focus on distant objects, but close objects are blurred. Eyes sticky, woke with eyes stuck together. Desire to close the eyes. Eyes are heavy, aching and tired.


Cold sores. Face pale and hollow. Face pale, drained. Face pale, white. Face dark purple, rings round the eyes. Top lip cracked, burning at corners. Sore painful patch right hand corner of lip, as if would crack. Dry and cracked lips. Cracked lips bleeding after cold wind. Trismus. Jaw aches, worse movement of jaw.


Pain dragging during menses worse than usual. Pain gathering, as if parts were in an iron grip, lasting one hour. Sharp, griping pain shooting from uterus to bowel. Pain during menstrual period, extending down back of legs. Pain bearing down during menses. Menses early. Menses short duration. Pink-brown vaginal discharge with dull dragging in sacral region. Sticky yellow vaginal discharge. Extremely passionate. Desire increased. Felt amorous in a giggly, sentimental way, as if drunk. Felt sexually aroused all day. Increased sexual desire which is purely physical rising from irritation of genitals. The genital area felt painfully oversensitive. Pressing pain in ovarian region on urinating, better urinating, worse pressure.


Appetite increased even after a meal. Eats little but often. Loss of appetite. Aversion to food. Slight aversion to tobacco. Aversion to courgettes, which left an unpleasant taste and nausea. Craves chocolate. Desires crusty brown bread. Desires hot drinks. Desires milk. Desires warm milk which ameliorates. Desires raw vegetables, salad. Extreme thirst. Thirst, but does not drink. Thirst for cold drinks.

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Headache from the sun. Headache, better for alcohol. After exposure to cold wind, slight neuralgic pain in left occiput, extending to left jaw, worse inclining head forward. Dull pain in occiput and vertex, as of a tight cap. Tightness in occiput and general dullness in head. Sharp pressing pain, in left occiput, worse on listening intently, better for not concentrating. Pain from back of head to over left eye. Pain in left occiput sharp. Throbbing left temple over eye.

Headache in temples. Boring pain in right temple. Head feels delicate, worse sudden movement. Throbbing pain in right temple on movement, sensitive to touch. Slight throbbing, above and behind left temple. A feeling of pressure in the head, settling in the left temple. Headache alternating with nausea. Pain in the head with vomiting and shivering hands. Migraine during menses with very dim vision, vomiting and debility. Dull headache. Head pain poking on outside, worse bending forward. Dull congested feeling, upper left side of head. Itch in forehead. Head pain, vertex and forehead, feels hot. Heat and cold in the head at the same time. Head pain across vertex and sides. Sensation of pressure. Head pain across forehead, like a rope tightening with a feeling of weakness coming and going in waves.

Head pain, better lying flat on back with head over the side of the bed. Head pain, better lying with head raised. Head heavy, better cold, dry air. Crackling and creaking in head, behind ears and above neck, when walking in the cold wind. Numbness sides of head. Pain bridge of nose. Dull sensation between the eyes, better shutting the eyes. Head heavy, better shutting eyes. Pressure on the top of head, left side. Pain front and top of head. Sensation as if head rolling, eyes closing, difficulty applying self, tightness in head and mild heat, especially forehead. Pain, heaviness round head.


Palpitations on waking. Palpitations on lying down to sleep, violent heart best audible and visible. Felt heart pounding after urination.


Woke at night with desire to urinate, frequent urination, unfinished feeling, slight burning, dribbling after. Increased desire to urinate, more after lying down. Had to get up at night to urinate. Urge to urinate, passed a few drops with cutting pain in bladder and pubic dome. Frequent urination, large quantities. Urging to urinate, sudden, incomplete.

Passes drops after urinating, worse bending. Feeling of incontinence, had to hold on. Urine orange, pink. Bruised pain.


Beaten sensation in bones and joints, especially large joints. Better stretching, worse movement, worse lying still. Bruised sensation in limbs. Felt as if he had 'flu'. Hands shivering in cold. Hands turn blue in cold. Feet icy cold. Heavy limbs, especially legs. Knees and ankles feel like jelly. Hands shaking. Shaking knees. Felt pins and needles in hands and arms, as of hot water on skin. Thighs burning and itching. Small boils on thighs. Jerking of left arm. Abscess in finger, below nail bed. Purple band under nails on nail bed. Numbness in hands and fingers. Stiff hands and hips. Pains stitching left upper shoulder. Sharp pains joints, worse exertion. Sensation as if had strained tendons. Limbs aching in the morning, thighs sore and heavy. Cramps in calves in bed at nigh. Sharp pain around ankle. Heels painful to stand. Pains in soles, very painful to stand and painful to walk. Awkward, drops things, trips easily. Desire to move and stretch during fever.


Breathing difficult 9:00 p.m.  , gradually worse, felt as if chest wouldn't expand properly. Had an urge to take deep breath, but couldn't. No pain, but felt as though muscles weren't working properly. Sensation that air goes to head. Unproductive cough, little mucus. Tickling cough. A dry cough.


Increase in sexual power and desire. Thoughts of women from many years ago, that he had not seen for years. Sexual desire in presence of any woman. Felt as if he would explode with sexuality. Masturbated frequently. Intensely erotic dreams. Intense orgasms.


Saliva abundant. Mouth dry as after alcohol. Mouth dry, metallic taste. Mouth wet, yet very thirsty. Mouth, taste strange when outside, and breathing through mouth. Ulcer on right inner cheek, white center.

Ulcer on the right side of mouth, a hard lump the size of a grain, stinging. Sensitive aching feeling in gums, lower right side at back of mouth. Sides of mouth sore.

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Neck glands feel enlarged. Large, blind, rd spot on right side of neck. Pain in neck left side. Sharp pain left side of neck, moving to right side. Tension in neck and shoulders. Tension in the neck, with ache in lower back, worse sitting.


Frequent sneezing with nasal obstruction, coryza. Musty, catarrhal smell, as of an old book. Itch in nose, must poke and scratch. Sneezing, with pain in tooth. Coryza fluent. Bloody discharge on blowing nose. Post-nasal catarrh. Discharge clear, running. Discharge alternating sides. Discharge is thick, white, yellow. Discharge, worse warm room, better open air. Large red spots on nose.


Perspiration at night. Perspiration, morning, on waking. Perspiration, worse in a warm room. Perspiration, worse stress. Perspiration does not ameliorate. Perspiration profuse.


Meteorism. Diarrhea, brick red. Hemorrhoids, painful, hard, swollen, worse walking, worse sitting. Diarrhea, explosive, hot, painful, smell of rank fish. Anus itching. Pain in anus, feels ill. Rectum raw, cracks radiating outwards and up crease to lower back. Better hot bathing and heat. Vesicles on anus, extremely sensitive, worse touch. Severe pain around anus and rectum, worse after stool, better pressure. Pain with desire to vomit. Better hot bath, worse touch. Pain shooting upwards Ñ prickling and sticking, prevents sleep. Urging constant and productive for stool. Urging for stool as if diarrhea would come on but it didn't. Gripes and rumbling, with burning sensation in anus. Dry stool, constipated, abdomen bloated. Very constipated, one difficult bowel motion a week. Stool hard, which is unusual. Constipated, wants to but can't.

Feeling of diarrhea in bowels and abdomen, as if diarrhea would explode. Bowel action greatly reduced from 3 to 4 times to 1 per day. Sensation of parts above rectum in an iron fist, closing in on parts and dragging them down. Better gentle motion, better bending double.


Skin pale. Skin red, sore, itching eruptions, worse 9 p.m.  , better by midnight. Red, sore, painful itching on soles of feet and palms, around the veins, alternating sides or on both sides.


Sleepiness. Tired, could do nothing, wanted to sleep, felt she should be busy, but couldn't. Utterly exhausted, could hardly stay awake. So lifeless, she could hardly think nor move. Could not remain awake enough to drive the car. Felt very tired, wanted to rest, had three naps but remained tired, could not cope without frequent short sleeps. Very tired, needed longer than usual afternoon nap. Tired, morning, rises late. Unrefreshed sleep, slept till late. Woke feeling unrefreshed and black though slept well. Better after one half hour. Sleepy feeling, reluctant to get out of bed, exhausted. Very tired on waking. Sleepiness during day, could not keep eyes open. Tired and yawning. Tired. Slept in the afternoon. Very tired after evening meal, slept. Tired at night despite rest in day. Slept very deeply. Restless sleep. Great difficulty falling asleep on account of unpleasant pictures crowding in, became fearful. Wide awake till after midnight, although physically tired. Woke many times at night with sweating, feeling heavy and confused. Awoke early and could not get back to sleep. Woke at 5:00 a.m.  , could not sleep. Woke more relaxed than for months. Slept on back during acute headache and vomiting episode (normally sleeps on side). Slept on abdomen without a pillow on left side of face with right arm curved around head. This felt most comfortable and lasted throughout the proving.

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Anxiety in stomach. Nausea. Felt unusually thirsty. Nausea and dizziness, worse orange juice, better hot drinks. Nausea beginning in stomach and progressing downwards, better eating. Nausea at thought of food, better after deciding not to eat. Nausea, worse exertion. Awoke with nausea and urging to stool. Felt absolutely dreadful, violent stomach pains, nausea and dizziness, lasting from 7:00 a.m.   to 11:00 a.m.  , better in the afternoon. Returning at 6:00 p.m.   and lasting till 9:00 p.m.  , then fine. Nausea better lying down, worse from motions, standing and sitting up. Nausea with lack of appetite and great thirst for warm drinks. Nausea in the afternoon and evening, after eating even small quantities. Nausea after fish, nausea after chicken. Nausea after eating egg yolk, almost vomited. Nausea from pain in anal cracks. Sickly pain, rising and falling, combined with hunger, better lying down. Vomiting and retching. Desire to vomit, but passed bile only. Nausea and vomiting, worse in a moving car. Vomited violently several times, an orange-red color which was similar to the color of his diarrhea. better for hot water bottle. Pain in the stomach. Slight discomfort in stomach above naval, with sharp pains. Short sharp, strong, stabbing pains and cramps below ribs, coming in spasms all through the day. Sensation as if stomach was screwed up into a ball which moved around. Empty belchings.


Pain worse eating, worse cold food, worse cold drinks, worse cold air, better warmth.


Fever at night, worse uncovering. During the fever, whole body bruised and sore, as if beaten. Unable to get comfortable in bed, had to change position frequently. Fever, very hot, perspires. Fever, hot and cold in turns. Fever, sudden onset. Chill with shivering and nausea. Chill with sensation of heat in forehead, eyes and lips. Skin hot to touch.

Chill in evening, felt shivery, especially around upper back, across shoulders and in anus. Felt feverish. Fever Ñ 'flu', sore throat radiating to ears, dryness in mouth, eyes and throat, tickling in throat, sneezing, nose running, clear phlegm, eyes heavy. Great thirst. Tired, lethargic, desires to lie down. Feels warm.


Sore throat. Sore throat in the evening, better by morning, better for beer. Throat feels rough, sore, better hot drinks. Prickling pain from throat to ear, worse empty swallowing and on waking, better warm drinks and hawking. Throat feels blocked, tickling and sore, worse swallowing. Much swallowing. Had to swallow continually, a lump in the throat, without wanting to swallow. Desire to swallow, as if something stuck in the throat which she felt she could move externally. Uncomfortable sensation in throat with desire to swallow. Worse late afternoon and when annoyed. Frequent swallowing. Throat dry, painful on swallowing, worse speaking, with coarseness and cough. After sex, woke with dry throat and a cold. Dry throat with extreme thirst for cold water which ameliorates. Throat dry but thirstless. Throat dry with tickling on left side. Plugs of green catarrh in throat, worse in the evening and morning and better during the day. Thick and yellow catarrh in throat. Catarrh on tonsils, must clear throat. External throat sensitive to closing, which makes head feel hot.


Pain in the tongue, sensation as if hot needles. Root of tongue and soft palate felt sore and enlarged, better for cold water. Tingling and numbness of tongue.


Vertigo, worse first movement, better continued motion.


Less nervous before an event than usual. (curative). Hearing is acute. Menopausal panic attacks, with sweats and palpitations, worse lying in bed, better sitting up or walking around.

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Desires cold drink. Desires fruit, especially oranges. Desire for white wine. Desires fresh air which ameliorates. Air, aversion to. Strong desire for air. Hot flushes, must get fresh air. Permanent tiredness and fatigue. Less dryness of skin (curative). Itch after bathing better (curative). Sleeplessness (cured). Woke very gently. (curative). Strong smell of coffee. Itching and soreness in vagina after intercourse (cured).

Small horny-like growth with spikes on right little toe. Severe pain, worse touch, worse pressure, could not wear shoes. Worse at 9:00 p.m.   Palpitations on waking disappeared (curative). Frequent urination. (cured). Stiffness in morning improved (curative). Although usually short sighted and astigmatic, he had short spells of immensely clear vision (cured symptom). Vision is acute, can see for miles. Things she would normally feel guilt about don't bother her, (cured).

Felt unusually well all day. Woke more relaxed and calm than for months, slept late. (throughout whole proving). Felt more energetic, self assertive and confident. She had lots of energy, worked hard and exercised. She was very bouncy and happy to be busy.

Felt good, happy, satisfied with life, happier and freer in her relationship. Felt expansive and good. Sense of being "centered". Felt euphoric, relaxed, "spaced out". Feeling extremely calm. Her patience surprised her. Extremely alert. Pretended to feel well, although sick.

A feeling of great energy and confidence, a magnetic state, his emotions were more intense than ever before. In his love affair, he surrendered to his feelings for the first time, and his girlfriend commented that this was the most intense relationship she had ever had.

Desired alcohol and drugs, a feeling of wanting to escape. It seemed as though he was a different person, very similar to the way he had been in adolescence, but in a much more powerful manner.

These emotions were so intense he wanted to rip his chest apart to let them out. He lost all control over his emotions, which seemed to come from a deep and distant part of himself, a darker side. He desired to continue the proving for the rest of his life.

Although he experienced acute nausea, headache and dizziness, he felt calm and happy, no upset by his illness, detached. Felt fed up with all activities he normally enjoyed. Felt detached from everything, as in a dream, reactions slowed down a lot. Feeling of separateness, usual sense of urgency gone. Felt detached from her stomach cramps. Felt she should be busy but couldn't.

Felt despondent and directionless in the evening. In the evening, felt as if in a numbness, "thoughts, feelings, buzzing and confusing me". I feel entirely alone, that I am viewing the world through one hole, for it all seems just a picture, and the rest of the world share a different view finder together. I don't want to join theirs though.

Stomach pain ameliorated as headache starts. Headaches and mental state ameliorated with appearance of sexual symptoms. Bright, all colors seemed. Nose, discharge yellow-orange. Vomit, orange-red. Diarrhea, brick red. Urine, pink-orange. Orange juice, aggravates. Stayed awake till early morning, brain racing, enjoyed himself tremendously.

Felt as if he had taken drugs. His friends thought so too. Desired drugs. Warm drinks ameliorate throat. Warm milk ameliorates. Alcohol ameliorates headache. Beer ameliorates throat. Coffee ameliorates. Cold food and drink aggravates pain in teeth. Eating ameliorates lethargy. Eating ameliorates swings of mood. Eating aggravates pain in teeth.

Hemorrhages on cutting herself, blood dark and clotted quickly. Heaviness feeling all over. Exhaustion, lethargy and fatigue. Exhausted, run down, better for fresh air. Lethargy worse during menses. Lethargy better shutting eyes. No strength, feels sagging all over, limp and weak.

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Feet seem to drag. Lassitude evening, better lying down, better short sleep. Weakness with trembling.

Nausea worse for motion. Sitting or first movement aggravate backache. Walking aggravates vertigo. Walking and movement ameliorate mentally and generally. Gentle motion ameliorates pain in rectum. Constant change of position ameliorates back. Moving car aggravates nausea and vomiting. Riding in car ameliorates. Numbness, tingling and nausea throughout body, during fear. Occupation ameliorates.

During fever the whole body bruised and sore as if beaten, unable to get comfortable in bed, had to change position frequently and slightly else felt seized up. Restless. Extreme mental and physical anguish with restlessness, could not be still for a moment. Beaten sensation in bones and joints, especially large joints, better stretching, worse movement and lying still. Pains poking. Pains radiating outwards. Pains sharp.

Right to left, pain in throat. Left to right, pain in knees. Left to right, ears ringing. Alternating sides, red, painful, itching eruptions on soles of feet and palms. Alternating sides, nasal discharge. Felt hot so uncovered, then cold so covered, then hot so uncovered.

Gentle heat over whole body. Sensation of heat. Warm room aggravates. Warm room aggravates nasal discharge. Hot bath ameliorates pain in cracks around anus. Body warm to touch but feels chilly. Cold, feels.

Cold dry air ameliorates. Wet, sore throat after getting. Cold wind causes neuralgia in head. Wind aggravates. Desired and relished being in a strong wind. Tremor. Loss of weight.


(1) Vesp., Scol., Tarent., Apis.

(2) Hyper., Led.


Coffee, did not antidote. Bruised sensation, cannot get comfortable in bed. Better Arnica 30c.


Tiredness, sore throat, thirst, photophobia and headache. Better from Bryonia 30c. Abscess on small toe, pain stinging and burning. Worse for heat and touch. Better after Apis 200c.


Allen. Clarke. Sherr.