Relationship between the size of dose, the homeopathicity of a medicine and the risk or enefit to the patient §275-§277 Organon §275

The most appropriate medicine for a given case of disease is the one which is the most homeopathically selected and which is administered in the correct dose.

The appropriateness of a medicine for a given case of disease does not rest on its apt homeopathic selection alone, but also on the necessary, correct size (or smallness) of its dose. A medicine given in an all-too-strong dose for a given case of disease, even if the medicine is completely homeopathic to the case and in itself of a beneficial nature, will still damage the patient as a result of its size and the too-strong impression it makes on the life force and (due to its similar homeopathic action) on precisely those parts of the organism that are already the most sensitive and the most attacked by the natural disease. 

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