Other therapeutic approaches §286-§291 The dynamic power of magnets, electricity and galvanism §286-§287 Organon §286

Magnets, electricity and galvanism have curative powers, but only the mineral magnets have been sufficiently proven as to their homeopathic usefulness.

The dynamic powers of mineral magnets, electricity and galvanism act as powerfully and as homeopathically on our life principle as do actual so-called medicines that lift diseases by means of oral ingestion, through the skin, or by olfaction. They thereby enable the cure of diseases, especially those of sensibility and irritability, of abnormal feeling, and involuntary muscle movements. However, the sure manner of employing electricity and galvanism (as well as the use of the so-called electro-magnetic machine) still lies too much in the dark to make homeopathic use of them. So far, both electricity and galvanism have been used only for palliation, doing great damage to patients. Up until now, their positive pure actions on the healthy human body have been but little proven.