Organon §94

Carefully consider circumstances that may act as obstacles to recovery. 

While inquiring into the state of a chronic disease, carefully ponder and scrutinize the particular affairs of the patient (ordinary occupations, usual living habits and diet, situation at home, etc.) to find out what there is in them that may arouse or maintain disease, and whose removal may further recovery. 147


147 In chronic diseases of women, one should pay special attention to such things as pregnancy, infertility, sexual desires, deliveries, miscarriages, breast-feeding, vaginal discharges and the state of the menses. With particular regard for the menses, the following should be ascertained:

1. Does the menstrual period recur at intervals that are too short or too long?

2. How many days does it last?

3. Is the flow continuous or interrupted at intervals?

4. How heavy is it?

5. How dark is its color?

6. Is there leukorrhea? If so, is it before or after the menstrual flow? How is it constituted? What sensations attend its flow? What is the quantity? Under what conditions does it occur? What brings it on?

7. Especially, what ailments of body and soul, and what sensations and pains does the patient have before, during and after a menstrual period?

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