Organon §88

Ask general questions about any areas not mentioned.

If nothing has been mentioned in these voluntary statements about several parts or functions of the body, or about the patient's emotional mood, the physician should then ask what is still to be recalled with respect to these parts and functions and the mental and emotional state. 143 The physician should do this in general expressions only, so that the commentator is obliged to respond with specifics. 


143 For example:

1. How are the bowel movements?

2. How does the urine pass?

3. How is sleep, both during the day and at night?

4. How are the emotions, temper, mental power constituted?

5. How is the appetite, the thirst?

6. How is the taste in the mouth, all by itself?

7. What foods and drinks taste the best? Which ones are the most repugnant to the patient?

8. Does each food have its full natural taste or some other strange taste?

9. How is the patient after eating or drinking?

10. Is there anything to recall about the head, the limbs, the abdomen?

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