Organon §68

In homeopathic cures-following the uncommonly small medicinal doses (§275-§287) which are necessary in this curative mode and which were just sufficient, through symptom similarity, to over-tune the similar natural disease and drive it away from the feeling of the life principle-experience shows us that, at times, initially some small amount of medicinal disease still continues on alone in the organism after the eradication of the natural disease. However, because of the extraordinary minuteness of the dose, the transitory medicinal disease disappears so easily and so quickly by itself, that the life force has no more considerable counter-action to take up against this small artificial mistunement of its condition than the counter-action of elevating the current condition up to the healthy station (that is, the counter-action suitable for complete recovery) to which end, the life force requires little effort, after extinguishing the previous disease mistunement (see §64, point 2).