Organon §65

Examples of initial and counter-actions:

Examples of initial actions upon the life force which are followed by opposing counter-actions (point 1 above) are familiar to all:

Hot water induces heat, then cold. 

1. A hand bathed in hot water is at first much warmer than the other unbathed hand (initial action), but once it is removed and thoroughly dried, it becomes cold after some time, and then much colder than the other hand (after-action).

Vigorous exercise induces heat, then cold. 

2. A person heated by vigorous exercise (initial action) is afterwards assailed with chilliness and shivering (after-action).

Wine induces heat, then cold.

3. To someone who yesterday was heated by drinking a lot of wine (initial action), today every light breeze is too cold (counter-action of the organism, after-action).

Cold water induces cold, then heat.

4. An arm immersed in the coldest water for a long time is at first far paler and colder than the other one (initial action), but once it is removed from the cold water and dried off it becomes not only warmer than the other but hot, red and inflamed (after-action of the life force).

Coffee induces liveliness, then sluggishness. 

5. Excessive liveliness results from drinking strong coffee (initial action) but sluggishness and sleepiness remain for a long time (counter-action, after-action) unless this is taken away over and over again by drinking more coffee (palliative for a short time).

Opium induces sleep, then insomnia. 

6. The heavy, stuporous sleep caused by opium (initial action) is followed the next night by greater insomnia (counter-action).

Opium induces constipation, then diarrhea.

7. After the constipation engendered by opium (initial action), diarrhea ensues (after-action).

Purgatives induce bowel movement, then constipation. 

8. After the purging produced by bowel-stimulating medicines (initial action), constipation of several days' duration results (after-action).

And thus, after each initial action of a potence that in large dosage strongly modifies the condition of the healthy body, our life force always and everywhere brings to pass, in the after-action, the exact opposite (when, as stated, there really is such).