Organon §51

Advantages of medicines as instruments of cure:

This curative law became known to the capable human spirit from such facts which were sufficient hereto. On the other hand, see what advantages man has over the crude nature of chance events! 

Number of curative potences available 

1. There are many more thousands of homeopathic disease potences available to us for the relief of our suffering brethren in the medicinal substances spread throughout creation. In them, we have disease-engenderers of all possible varieties of action. 

Number of diseases curable by medicinal substances 

2. These disease potences (medicinal substances) can render homeopathic aid for all the countless conceivable and inconceivable natural diseases.  

Duration of action

3. Once they have completed their curative application, the power of these medicines is conquered by the life force and disappears of itself without requiring repeated help to expel it again, as is the case with the itch diathesis. 

Strength of the dose 

4. The physician can dilute, divide, potentize and decrease the dosage of artificial disease potences to an infinite extent, to the point where the medicine remains only slightly stronger than the similar natural disease to be cured.  

Safety of use 

5. With this matchless curative mode, no violent attack upon the organism is required in order to extirpate even a stubborn old malady. The cure takes place only by a gentle, unnoticeable and yet often swift transition from the tormenting natural suffering to the permanent health that is desired.