Organon §45

No! Two diseases, differing as to mode 98 but very similar in their manifestations and actions, in the sufferings and symptoms they cause, always and everywhere annihilate one another as soon as they meet in the organism; that is, the stronger disease annihilates the weaker one. It is not difficult to guess the cause of this: Due to its active similarity, the stronger additional disease potence claims, by preference, precisely the same parts in the organism that were, until then, affected by the weaker disease irritant. Consequently, the weaker disease can no longer impinge upon those parts, and it expires. 99 In other words, as soon as the similar but stronger disease potence masters the feeling of the patient, the life principle (on account of its unity) can no longer feel the weaker similar one. The weaker one is extinguished-it exists no more-for it never was anything material, but rather only a dynamic, spirit-like affection. The life principle remains affected only by the new, similar but stronger disease potence of the medication, although this is only temporary.


98 See footnote 26.

99 Just as the image of a lamp’s flame is rapidly over-tuned and wiped away in the optic nerve by the stronger solar rays falling in our eyes.