Dissimilar diseases §35 -§42 Organon §35

To make this clear, we will consider the following: 1. the process in nature wherein two dissimilar diseases meet together in one person, and

2. the result of the ordinary medical treatment of diseases with unfitting allopathic medicines, which are incapable of producing an artificial disease state similar to the disease to be cured. 75 From this, it will become apparent that:

1. not even nature can lift a dissimilar disease that is already present through a stronger, unhomeopathic disease, and

2. the unhomeopathic employment of ever-so-strong medicines is just as incapable of curing any disease.


75 Hahnemann considers these two situations in the following three cases: a. where the older disease is the same strength or stronger than the new dissimilar disease (§36-§37),

b. where the new dissimilar disease is stronger than the older one (§38-§39), and

c. where a complicated disease is formed from the two dissimilar diseases (§40-§41).